Alaska Pretty Sure Sarah Palin Clan Is Hilarious Fighty Garbage

One reason to love Public Policy Polling (PPP): They often throw in an extra question near the end of the poll, about something goofy, simply because they can. Like asking Ohio voters who was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? (Weep for America: 15 percent said Romney, 47 percent said "unsure.") Or asking Republicans who think Benghazi is the worst political scandal in history if they know where Benghazi is. In their new poll of Alaska voters, PPP added one extra question about the Great Wasillabilly Bumfight of 2014:

Who do you think were the instigators of the brawl between the Palins and another family at a recent party: the Palins or the other parties involved?

While the majority of respondents answered "Not Sure" -- and we're fairly certain this includes a large portion of Alaskans who fear that expressing an opinion would get their car tires slashed -- those with an opinion were nearly two to one in believing the Palins threw the first punch(es): 30 percent answered "the Palins," and only 18 percent answered "the other parties involved."

Also, too, 54 percent of Alaskans polled had an "unfavorable" opinion of Sister Sarah Her Own Self (32 percent favorable, 14 percent no opinion, which we find pretty hard to believe, but see above re: slashed car tires). On the question of whether Momma Griftley should run for president in 2016, 75 percent of Alaskans said she should not and 18 percent said she should, which mathwise means that even a good chunk of those with a positive opinion of her don't think that she should run. But that's only because they think she's suffered enough, most likely.

In real politics, the Senate race is pretty darn close, with incumbent Democrat Mark Begich at 41 percent, Republican Dan Sullivan leading slightly at 43 percent, and 5 percent leaning to other candidates. Once those minor candidates are left out, Sullivan's lead increases to 45 percent to 41 percent, with 13 percent undecided.

The governor's race, in which the Democrat, Byron Mallott, dropped out, declared he was running for lieutenant governor, and threw his support to independent Bill Walker, is similarly close against incumbent Republican Sean Parnell, but again, once the minor party candidates are excluded, the race opens up to Walker 45 percent, Parnell 41 percent (13 percent not sure).

And finally, if'n you are as in love with Jeanne Devon's arteestic recreation of the Palin Monster Bash and Stretch-Hummer Fuck-Tussle up top, Mudflats is selling T-Shirts! Also available: a "Bristol Palin Boxing Academy" tee!

[PPP / Palin Brawl illustration by Jeanne Devon at Mudflats.Go buy the shirt!]

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