Sunday Show GOP Idiots: Come For The Casual Racism, Stay For The ... More Casual Racism!

Welcome to your Sunday Show rundown, where we tell you what happened on the Sunday shows and you don't regret playing hooky from watching them for even one second!

Later in this post we'll deal with the usual GOP suspects being racist idiots, but let's start with something nice, like "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace's interview with DNC chair Tom Perez. In the past, we've given Wallace credit for not taking bullshit from the likes of Stephen Miller or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but sometimes Wallace reminds you there is a reason he works at Fox News. In the interview, Wallace pushed Fox News/Trump narrative that the Democratic Party is for "open borders.":

WALLACE: You saw the clip that we played earlier where the president was going through the litany of things, he says the Democratic Party has now become. One of the things that he talks about as Democrats is the party of open borders. On Tuesday, the House Democrats are likely going to pass a resolution of disapproval against a declaration of a national emergency. Any concerns that the president is going to be able to paint Democrats as soft on border security?

PEREZ: When you look at the facts, the facts belie that, Chris. The ... fact of the matter is that Democrats understand that you can have secure borders and the rule of law. That's what we have fought for. And as you correctly pointed out I think in last Sunday's show, what this president has done is unprecedented. I think Mr. Miller was on this show. You correctly pointed out that there has been no factual circumstance where the president asked for x, Congress said no and the president went ahead and did it. That's why at the Heritage Foundation in 2011 --

WALLACE: I hate it when people turn my own words against me.

PEREZ: Well, but that's -- that happened.

WALLACE: Well -- well -- well played -- well played, Mr. Chairman.

Wallace had nothing else to say other than "touché," and moved on to another subject. Well done, Mr. Perez!

Now we turn to ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." During the panel discussion, we got a flashbacks to every holiday dinner involving being trapped in an enclosed space with your Republican relatives.
Discussing the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos couldn't help but reveal the type of underlying racism that usually waits a few drinks before revealing itself. And much like at holidays, Patrick Gaspard (President of the Open Society Foundation, political affairs director in the Obama White House, also former ambassador to South Africa) had to try to tell Castellanos he was being inappropriate:
STEPHANOPOULOS: President Trump loves the idea of Bernie Sanders front and center.

CASTELLANOS: Oh, he couldn't be that lucky again, could he? Look, the president has seen a Democratic Party going as crazy far left as Republicans did far right under Obama, and it's a gift. I mean, socialism didn't work for the pilgrims, the first two years, half of them died, and now that's the Democratic Party agenda. There are three Democratic primaries to take on Trump, and all to have them are going -- there's the establishment primary with Biden and Klobuchar.

GASPARD: You can't get more socialist than the Quakers? I think that was their model.

CASTELLANOS: You're going to have the progressive primary, which Sanders has the money and the lead, and then you've got Kamala Harris and Cory Booker for the Obama black primary. Which one, I think Kamala Harris is going to succeed in that one, you are going to see Bernie Sanders, maybe Klobuchar.

GASPARD: Alex -- Alex -- I'd be...

CASTELLANOS: I would bet you Kamala Harris can grow beyond. I think she's being pegged -- I think she's a big enough candidate.

GASPARD: I'd be careful there, there is no such thing as the Obama black primary. I think Kamala...

CASTELLANOS: Oh, yes, I think there is.

GASPARD: Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are both extraordinary --


GASPARD: Candidates who can appeal to a broad cross section...

CASTELLANOS: That's my point about Kamala Harris.

GASPARD: ...of voters.

CASTELLANOS: I agree with, but I think that's --right now the Democratic primaries...

To give you another flashback to awkward family get-togethers with your loud right-wing uncle from New Jersey, Chris Christie decided to jump on the KamalaLiesAboutListeningToTupacWhenShe'sDoingPots-Gate bandwagon:

CHRISTIE: You've seen this, I've seen this, I've lived it. Who's going to get up there and perform? Kamala Harris, you know, learned this in her first week when she's talking about smoking pot and listening to Tupac, when Tupac's albums hadn't come out until six years after she said she was in college. Now you're shaking your head, Patrick, but let me tell you, she's probably told that B.S. story in California a thousand times and no one ever called her on it.

I guess Charlamagne tha God has one more "Donkey of The Day" to add since this has already been debunked by the very radio show she appeared on:

Then it was Castellanos's turn again, and if you thought he was only here to say subtly racist things, he threw a little misogyny for good measure:

CASTELLANOS: Let me just say Trump's choice is clear, growth and locking the doors at night and security. The Democrats response has not been about either of those, it's only been about the mommy bear party care-giving and nourishing. It's -- it's like a 1950s sitcom and in that case, the daddy bear party usually beats the mommy party.

Ahhh yes! This longing for the fabled 1950s that "Make America Great Again" wants to return to. No wonder despite all the great victories on Oscar night, Green Bookwon "Best" Picture.

Turn to the 4:04 mark to see Castellanos's "Obama Black primary" remarks, 6:34 for Chris Christie being weird, and 10:00 for Castellanos's "daddy issues."

Have a great week!

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