Alex Jones and comic foil Larry "Bud" Melman

The Las Vegas massacre certainly made for a busy day for free-form bullshit artist and internet beacon of freedom Alex Jones. First he explained that the shootings were part of some kind of ISIS/antifa/communist insurrection. Then he came back a little later in the day in a video to sell some Trucker Speed, explain how Saturday Night Live is a "psy-op," and talk with Genuine Former CIA Operative Kevin Shipp, whom the CIA once tried to kill for knowing too much, but that's not really the point here. Jones talks with Shipp about his career in black ops, then says there's just so much about the shooter and the shooting that just doesn't add up:

At about the nine-minute mark, Jones notes that O.J. Simpson was released from prison in Nevada just 20 hours before the shooting, so all the media would be in Nevada, and rants about "this whole climate where the Democrats are saying 'We're gonna have a revolution, we're gonna kill Trump supporters, we're gonna kill Trump.'"

Honestly, we really should read those emails from Chuck Schumer before we delete them, because we completely missed our marching orders.

So Jones wants to know what Expert CIA Expert Kevin Shipp thinks of all this, in his professional opinion. We should note that a bit of Googling reveals Shipp's professional opinion seems to have rather a lot to do with chemtrails, satanic pedophile rings, and the Deep State -- typical CIA stuff. Shipp proclaims, "This attack is very, very strange." And then, naturally enough, he talks about David Letterman:

We looked at David Letterman's website this morning, and he blamed it on, essentially said, "We've got to stop White Privilege." This is falling right into the divisive narrative to split the United States in two, and I think probably foment a civil war, to destroy the U.S.'s unity. So this whole thing, Alex, is so strange.

Jones agreed, and chimed in that over the weekend, after a Somalian immigrant ran over and stabbed a Canadian police officer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said, "White privilege -- end white supremacy," which isn't at all what Trudeau said, but InfoWars said so in the headline. (Trudeau did share a post by MP Maryam Monsef, which included a photo of a sign that said that, so he was obviously endorsing white genocide.)

Then Jones was off on a tear about all the anti-white propaganda from all the powerful folks in Hollywood

letting us know that when whites get killed, it's our fault. I guess it's kind of a Battle cry, saying whites are getting killed and you deserve it, end white privilege, we're gonna kill your ass.

Jones admitted he couldn't figure out why all these powerful people are doing psy-ops, maybe to turn white people racist, and showed the offending Tweet from "David Letterman's website":

Oh, but there's an itty-bitty problem, which is that the Twitter account is not actually David Letterman's twitter (there's a defunct official @Letterman Twitter account that was last active in April, but Dave Himself's last tweet was in July 2015). Also, we're pretty sure the real David Letterman wouldn't spell his name "@DavidLetternan."

Since the Jones story, the person behind the account -- which says "Parody account" right on the main page, although it's not funny and doesn't sound even slightly like Letterman -- has swapped the display name. For a while Monday, it was "David Letteman not," which definitely made Jones look silly:

Then later Monday night, it was "David Letterman fan":

So stupidity was had, Alex Jones was trolled, and now that the fake news juggernaut that is Alex Jones has ranted against a very fake "David Letterman," we can only assume the Fake News Singularity can't be far away. Alex Jones and his densest Twitter followers will collapse in on themselves and form a massive black hole from which light itself cannot escape.

Unfortunately, the new astronomical phenomenon will still have a YouTube account.

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[@DavidLetternan on Twitter / InfoWars on YouTube]

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