Alex Jones Commits Legal Seppuku In Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Trucker speed salesman Alex Jones is notorious for taking the bit way too far. That's how he wound up sued by surviving family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims — family members who endured years of vicious harassment after he referred to them as "crisis actors" and speculated that their dead child relatives had never even existed.

Having failed to comply with discovery for three straight years and accused one of the plaintiffs' lawyers of planting kiddie porn on his servers, Jones was hit with default judgments in both Texas and Connecticut. And if you'd rather skip to the part where the only issue is how big a check you're going to cut, chances are good there was something pretty astoundingly bad in the files you refused to hand over to the other side.

In the past two weeks, Jones has behaved in such a self-destructive manner that he's now facing escalating sanctions of $25,000 today, an additional $50,000 Monday, another $75,000, and so on every weekday until he actually sits down to be deposed by the plaintiffs. Safe to say that "too far" is way in the rearview at this point.

It started Tuesday when Jones's lawyer Norm Pattis informed Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis that his client was "sick" and would not be able to attend depositions scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday for which the plaintiffs' counsel had already flown into Texas. In support of his claim, he offered a note from one Dr. Marble, a note that failed to describe Marble's relationship with Jones, Jones's ailment, or the treatment regimen. The court characterized the missive as "willfully inadequate" and denied the request.

On Wednesday, Jones failed to appear for his scheduled deposition. The plaintiffs' counsel objected, filing a motion which noted that Jones had been on the air with Dr. Marble on Tuesday at the time Pattis claimed Jones was being examined and found too ill to be deposed. They'd apparently been discussing "their belief that Dr. Anthony Fauci should 'get the death penalty' for combining a 'man-made Frankenstein virus . . . into Covid-19' and thereby becoming the 'greatest mass-murderer in the history of the world.'”

On Thursday, Jones failed to appear for a second day of depositions, so the court convened an emergency hearing Friday where his counsel argued that the broadcaster was far too sick to leave his home, much less sit for a deposition, and accused the plaintiffs of deliberately endangering his client's health. This argument was somewhat undercut when the plaintiffs turned on their computers to reveal Jones at that very moment broadcasting from his studio.

This week was occupied with dueling motions. Jones's lawyers insist that he is still quite sick, despite his regular appearances on Infowars, and beg the court's forbearance. The plaintiffs point out that Jones claimed on his show that he'd been suffering from “a blockage in his sinus" which had miraculously lifted Friday, after which he felt “like a new person.”

"It is no coincidence that Mr. Jones’s sinus cleared as soon as plaintiffs’ counsel cleared Texas airspace," they noted wryly, demanding that the court issue an arrest warrant to secure Jones's appearance and impose escalating fines to ensure his appearance at a deposition.

On Tuesday, Jones made an insulting settlement offer of $120,000 per plaintiff — an amount which wouldn't even cover their legal bills after he spent three years dicking them around — which was summarily rejected.

Then at a contentious hearing on Wednesday, Jones's lawyers claimed that their client wasn't trying to duck the deposition, but rather that he's ignoring his doctor's advice and carrying on despite being actually quite sick. And he's unavailable next week, since that's when he's being deposed in Texas, where he's also defaulted — and where the court will have no interstate arrest warrant problem.

The lawyers further enraged the court by insisting that Jones can't possibly be deposed in Connecticut because “we understand that plaintiffs’ counsel enforces a fairly strict COVID protocol at their offices, including the wearing of masks, et cetera, something that Mr. Jones is not willing to do."

Safe to say the court was not amused, imposing the financial sanctions described above and threatening to block Jones from introducing evidence at trial if he fails to be deposed. Jones says he's appealing the ruling and asked the court to stay its order, but the court, apparently agreeing with the plaintiffs that the defendant "chose to go on the air rather than go under oath," refused.

Naturally, Jones handled the setback with his characteristic aplomb, calling the judge a "thing that has just cheated us every way, lied about us, said we didn’t give them this, sanctioned us" during his podcast.

Media Matters got the deets:

And that was when she first started sanctioning us and defaulted us, and now when you’re defaulted, you’re not supposed to get deposed. But they’ve changed their depositions like eight times, I already did three depositions on the other Sandy Hook stuff and all these other ones myself. And so I go, “Hey, I’m not feeling well, I need to move it.” “Oh my God, we’re going to arrest you. We’re going to put you in jail. We’re going to fine you $25,000 the first day, $50,000 the next.” It compounds every day to $1.6 million in the next week and a half if I don't appear in Connecticut where she can clap the irons on me.

So you know what? I’m going to go up there so they can clap their irons on me, whatever, because at least I’m a grown man, I know God. I’m not like some kid in these leftist dungeons they’re raping. People got God to deal with, that’s all I can tell you. Oh, I’m not saying this judge or any of these lawyers are pedophiles. I’m just saying the news and the Left promotes pedophilia while attacking the family, and the Democratic Party itself just signed an executive order that will destroy women’s sports. That’s what I said.

Well, surely this will all work out for the best. Obviously Alex Jones knows exactly what he's doing.

[Lafferty v. Jones Docket / MMFA]

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