Alex Jones Pulls Video Urging Fans To Investigate 'Pizzagate' After Fan 'Investigated' It With A Gun

Still no Trump cabinet announcement? He was robbed!

That Alex Jones is such a brave crusader for truth -- as you know, he's at war with Facebook to protect purveyors of fake news, and he's also not going to stand by quietly while the world elites carry out their plan to replace humanity with an army of cyborgs, either. So for a guy who lives to get the truth out there, regardless of the consequences, it seems rather odd that Jones has also quietly removed videos from his website in which he called on his Marching Moron Militia to investigate for themselves whether they could see something nasty in the woodshed at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC, the supposed center of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's child sex trafficking ring, of course. Don't suppose that could have anything to do with the Alex Jones fan who showed up at Comet Ping Pong with a gun a couple weeks back, could it?

Media Matters notes that on November 27, Jones spent about a half hour of his internet creepshow ranting about "Pizzagate" and telling his audience they would "have to go investigate it for yourself," because, obviously enough, with all of the hoopla about #pizzagate out there on the internets, it was obvious that "Something’s going on. Something’s being covered up. It needs to be investigated.” Here's a sample:

Now I want to be clear. Not everybody in the WikiLeaks is involved in this. Clearly. You have to go investigate it for yourself. But I will warn you, this story that’s been the biggest thing on the internet for several weeks, Pizzagate as it’s called, is a rabbit hole that is horrifying to go down


Let’s go ahead and go to the report, Pizzagate Is Real. The question is: How real is it? What is it? Something’s going on. Something’s being covered up. It needs to be investigated. To just call it fake news -- these are real WikiLeaks. This is real stuff going on.

It's Alex Jones in full-on batshit crazy mode, insisting he's not exactly "accusing" anyone, then flying off into all sorts of nonsense about how the pizzeria just happens to display well-known secret codes known to all pedophiles, according to an alleged FBI document -- and if you're keeping track, this is arguably the first time Alex Jones has ever believed anything supposedly from the FBI. He insists there are "thousands and thousands and thousands" of references to the supposed sex ring in the Wikileaks trove, including maybe messages like "Oh, I'll see you at the Feast tonight, we'll have lots of blood and semen, Oh good!" You know, not that he's accusing anyone, because that would be "lawsuit city." Instead, he urged his viewers, "It's up to you to research it for yourself."

Included within the video is another video called "Pizzagate Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?” with all the usual nonsense claiming members of the Clinton sex ring were “using a code to communicate child sex trafficking as casually as ordering a pizza.” You know, like Democrats do. Makes perfect sense, if your idea of investigative reporting is Scooby Doo (joke stoled from Wonkette alum Dave Weigel). But wait! There's more!

Jones also suggested that he himself would be “getting on a plane” to visit Comet Ping Pong. He stated: “I couldn’t sleep last night and you know, people may look into it. I may take off a week and just only research this and actually go to where these places are and stuff. In fact I’m looking at getting on a plane -- it’s just like Bohemian Grove and stuff, I can’t just say something and not see it for myself. They go to these pizza places, there’s like satanic art everywhere.”

Later in the program, Jones backtracked and said that he “can’t go out there and investigate it myself. We’ve had reporters on that have been there. They say it’s really creepy because -- I don’t have the self-control to be around these type of people. So you want us to cover pizzagate, we have covered it. We are covering it. And all I know is God help us, we’re in the hands of pure evil.”

Huh! Well, we can see why that sort of thing might motivate a person who cares about "the children," doesn't have a hell of a lot of critical thinking skills, and has him a great big many gun to go on a personal reconnaissance mission to find out what was really going on at Comet ping Pong, because what sort of decent person would stand by and let "pure evil" do all that terrible stuff to the nonexistent little kids who are surely being kidnapped by the hundreds by this pedophile sex ring? Oh, sure, this would be the first missing-children case ever in which hundreds (or at least scores) of kids were abducted without any parents noticing, or police issuing Amber Alerts, but maybe that just proves how powerful the sex ring cabal was. You might remember the same problem with the "Satanic panic" of the 1980s -- somehow all those Satanists were abducting and murdering babies without a corresponding spike in actual crime reports of missing children.

In any case, after Edgar Maddison Welch went on his personal fact-finding visit to Comet Ping Pong, Jones has been removing a whole bunch of "Pizzagate" stuff from his website and from his YouTube channel, almost as if he were having second thoughts about the wisdom of promoting this particular pile of crazy. Jones fans have re-loaded copies, even while Jones has backed away from the story for some reason. Jones has even insisted that he was really not all that big on Pizzagate as a thing, posting a video in which he "claimed that he actually said there’s 'probably nothing going on there' and his lawyers reviewed his coverage and found that he’s been the 'most restrained of all the coverage' in the alternative media."

Needless to say, in the new video, he explains that the whole pizzagate story was a false flag operation to make Alex Jones look bad, and then to BAN FREE SPEECH by setting him up to cover it. Those devious bastards! He even says he predicted that his enemies, who are everywhere, were “probably going to shoot that place up or something,” and just looked what happened! So now we know who the real victim is: Alex Jones, not the terrified pizza parlor employees who had a semiautomatic rifle shoved in their faces. Thank god Jones has somehow survived this latest assault on his ability to keep bringing us the TRUTH, which is out there. Very, very Out There.

[Media Matters]

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