Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Pays Staffers Decent Wages. What Is This, VENEZUELA?
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Good lord, that monster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems determined to wreck America by utterly destroying our beloved institutions and traditions. Her latest violent assault on all things holy? She announced last week she'd pay even the entry-level members of her congressional staff enough that they won't have to take second jobs and burn out trying to make rent. What is this country coming to, we ask you?

Needless to say, Fox News was simply outraged by the very idea that a member of Congress would decide to make a somewhat unconventional choice about how to spend the fixed pile of money each member is allotted to pay staff, because what the hell is even wrong with that lady and WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! Here, just look at the socialist horror of people being paid enough to live on, from Sunday's "Fox & Friends." If you can even bear to hear about the destruction of a once-great nation, that is.

Fox & Friend 2/24/19 | Breaking Fox News | February 24,

As GQ's Luke Darby notes, it's almost as if Fox News "knows that it's fighting on the side of wildly unpopular ideas." Host Griff Jenkins appears to be reduced to simply giving an accurate description of AOC's ideas, but "in an outraged voice, so that the audience understands the aforementioned ideas and actions are, somehow, unreasonable." So obviously there has to be something un-American going on here:

Get a load of this. A tweet went out yesterday -- she said "Leadership begins at home" or whatever, however she put it -- she basically announced that she is going to redistribute the money appropriated to her congressional office to make sure that entry-level staffers get a fair share of money.

Is this even the USA anymore? Next you'll be seeing a dusky-hued president wearing a tan suit, or even worse. Fellow couch-sitter Pete Hegseth was astonished that anyone might cap the salary of the most important people in an office so that those at the lowest levels could receive a living wage.

She said everyone in my office will pay a living wage [...] Your entry-level intern is making 52 grand, while your chief of staff―who has a very important role in a congressional office―now is capped at 80, as opposed to the actual market rate on Capitol Hill which is closer to $150,000. So everyone's between 52 and 80. It's actually socialism and communism on display.

Hegseth is actually conflating a couple things there, by the way -- Ocasio-Cortez said in December that interns should be paid $15 an hour plus benefits, which would come out to only about $31K a year gross if they work the standard 2,087 hours a year -- and we suspect congressional interns might not? The $52K floor would be for full-time staffers, if anyone cares. But the real point is that if people at the very top aren't paid far more than those at the bottom, it's definitely communism, because words stopped meaning anything back in 2016 anyway.

Also, Pete, please wash your fucking hands, you disgusting pig. Or is basic hygiene socialism, too?

Ocasio-Cortez, as ever, seems more amused than anything at the pushback to paying a living wage.

That's because she hates America. She's even brainwashed her staff with her wild-eyed notion that folks at the top might agree to limits in order to help those lower down in the org chart, because socialism takes over your brain with un-American notions of "fairness." Her comms director, Corbin Trent, said some pretty insane things to Roll Call, because the virus of egalitarianism has clearly wormed its way into the brains of all these monsters:

"We think that if a person is working, they should make enough to live" [...]

Trent acknowledged that some people would have to take pay cuts to work in the office. He said that was a trade-off that employees had been willing to make: "I don't think you always put the burden on the bottom."

Then the entire Ocasio-Cortez staff vowed their allegiance to Satan and promised they would come for your children, the end.

As proof that a "living wage" is nothing more than communism, we would add that when Yr Editrix hired Yr Dok Zoom as a full-time writer in 2014, she insisted on paying us enough to live on and buy health insurance (and once she could, took over the health insurance like a common POL POT). Maybe you're not shocked yet, but just look what the name of her little corporation is!

They aren't even trying to hide their true intent anymore, are they? REAL Americans like getting paid as little as possible so the CEO class can be adequately compensated, goddammit, and anyone who says otherwise is clearly a subversive.

[Roll Call / GQ]

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