All Fun And Games Until Trump's Biggest Fluffers Start Accusing ... Bill Barr? ... Of Treason?

We've reached the point in the saga of Donald Trump's long, slow, petulant waddle out of the White House where his biggest sycophants are eating each other. So that's fun.

After Attorney General Bill Barr told the Associated Press that it was pretty clearly obvious that there was no widespread election fraud, the knives were out for Barr, who is definitely the Deep State now. Yes, that Bill Barr. Fascist Bible gassing Bill Barr. Investigate the investigators to find out who put Wire Tapps inside Donald Trump's bottom Bill Barr. Same guy. Definitely the Deep State now. Probably always has been. Probably did Pizzagate with Hillary Clinton and is sexting pictures of his peen-mound to Peter Strzok right this very minute.

We discussed yesterday that it seems pretty clear to us that Barr is about ready to, in some measured, well-choreographed way, get off this Trump crime train. Indeed, in his vainglorious shitwit brain, we wouldn't be surprised if he's not harboring fantasies of actually being the one to land the plane. "Look, I was an institutionalist the whole time!" he will say, to no one who is listening. "I protected America from Donald Trump's worst instincts!" We betcha. Trump is reportedly thinking about firing Barr, by the way, which would just be another way, in Barr's mind, of re-establishing his credibility once Trump is nothing more than an orange shart cloud in America's rear view mirror.

We also discussed yesterday just how completely fuckbonkers Trump's loyalists have gotten, now sharing conspiracy theories about RELEASE THE KRAKEN, which they say consists of secret raids on CIA facilities that don't exist, to seize vote-flipping servers that do not exist, carried out by Army battalions that literally don't even do operations like that, resulting in the deaths of five heroic servicemembers who didn't die. The conspiracy theory seems to have at least partially been invented by a disgraced and possibly senile retired Air Force lieutenant general named Thomas McInerney,

Now those two stories are coming together, because look what McInerney said about Bill Barr yesterday, just kidding we can't wait to tell you, HE ACCUSED BILL BARR OF TREASON.

It happened on One America News Network, the literally fake news station Trump watches because Fox News doesn't lick his taint the way he likes anymore.

LT. GEN. THOMAS MCINERNEY: How can the attorney general say that there isn't evidence of fraud that would certainly turn over the election. Before they stopped counting, Trump was ahead in all of those states. Trump won by a landslide.

That sentence doesn't even make grammatical sense. Is he saying that Joe Biden took the lead in all those swing states after they "stopped counting"?

Like we said, might be senile. Also might need Depends changed.

MCINERNEY: It is so obvious. For instance, in Pennsylvania, the state mailed out 1.8 million mail-in ballots. They got back 2.5 million. That is a 700,000 more – someone had a printing press and was cranking them out. So how can Attorney General Barr say that there were not gross examples?

Maybe because that didn't happen and Thomas McInerney is a fucking loonbasket?

Here it comes:

MCINERNEY: If the attorney general is saying there is not enough evidence, now that leads me to the conclusion that he has to be involved in treasonous activities, because this is not just fraudulent voting, this is not dirty politics, this is a treasonous activity against the government of the United States.

That's right, he HAS to be doing treason. Which makes no sense until you realize that for, again, possibly senile idiots like McInerney, the definition of "treason" is "doing anything that denies the Orange Shitgoblin the power to declare himself America's dictator for life." And Bill Barr is DOING THAT.

Our favorite thing about the video above is the way OANN depicts Lt. Gen. McInerney:

That may have been Thomas McInerney about 5,000 years and 50 million brain cells ago. This is Thomas McInerney now:

But hey, we guess that first picture is just about as accurate as calling OANN's Chanel Rion a journalist.

So. Sooooooooo.


(Also that first picture? Kinda probably would bang!)

Anyway, Lou Dobbs, of whom no bangable pictures have ever been taken, is also now very upset with Bill Barr, who is obviously just Jane Fonda wearing the disguise of a low-rent Big Lots clearance sale broken truck stop condom dispenser Roy Cohn wannabe.

DOBBS: Today a member of [Trump's] own Cabinet appeared to join in with the radical Dems and the deep state and the resistance.

He put on a pink pussy hat and went thrifting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush, now they are all best girlfriends 4 ever.

DOBBS: Attorney General William Barr who has been absent for weeks and weeks telling the Associated Press that the US attorneys and FBI agents who have followed up on complaints of specific voter fraud across the country have produced nothing. To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale, he said, that could have affected a different outcome in the election.

For the attorney general of the United States to make that statement he is either a liar or a fool or both.


DOBBS: He may be — perhaps compromised.

Maybe Hillary Clinton has some shit on him, in her emails, which she's been holding back this whole time as part of her nefarious scheme.


DOBBS: He may be simply unprincipled, or he may be personally distraught or ill.

Unprincipled, yes. Personally distraught or ill? We don't think that's it. But sure, maybe Bill Barr has the clap and it's making him go all cattywampus. "Where's Bill Barr? Itchin' on his Down Theres and joining Indivisible." That's probably a thing people say about Bill Barr.

Meanwhile, Roger Stone, who before his sentence was commuted for corrupt purposes by President Crime Boss, was the recipient of Bill Barr's largesse when Barr kamikazed into the Department of Justice's sentencing recommendations and had them pulled because it was just UNFAIR to treat the president's crime buddies that way, said on Nazi Grindr Parler and also Gab that "'Corrupt AG William Barr's job is to BLOCK for the Deep State." Which is ... definitely how we've always thought of Bill Barr. For sure.

Stone, who's never been accused of being of sound mind, also told Alex Jones yesterday that Trump should declare martial law, partially because Stone says he has recently come into "absolute incontrovertible evidence of North Korean boats delivering ballots through a harbor in Maine." Which just definitely sounds legit. Who among us has not dreamed of taking one of those famous cruise ships from North Korea to, um, Bangor?

"Give me the Fake Biden Ballot Suite," we always say when we book the North-Korea-To-Bangor cruise. Oh no, have we said too much?

Once again, these fucking morons are just eating each other now, and we get to watch this channel for free until January 20 at noon.

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