ALL THE DRUDGE SIRENS! Roger Ailes Out At Fox, For Reals This Time

Rachel Maddow finally got a present she likes!

After a whole lot of rumors and speculation, the deed is done: After 20 years, Roger Ailes is out as head of Fox News, and also as head of Fox Business Network. And also as Chairman of Fox Television. He's not even allowed to play StarFox on SuperNintendo anymore. Don't expect Fox News to suddenly start running real news, though, as their current business model of throwing steaming offal to ravening mouth breathers (or at least being switched on in every nursing home dayroom in America) has worked quite well for them. Stepping in at Fox News and Fox Business will be Rupert Murdoch. Tell us more, New York Times!

In a statement, Mr. Murdoch praised Mr. Ailes, 76, and his “remarkable contribution” to the company, without making mention of the sexual harassment scandal that felled him.

“Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years,” Mr. Murdoch said. “Fox News has given voice to those who were ignored by the traditional networks and has been one of the great commercial success stories of modern media.”

Eew, we felt slightly oily and amoral just copypasting that.

Rumors of Ailes's imminent departure have been circulating since former Fox talker Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. The Times decorously explains,

Mr. Ailes denied the accusations, but Fox News’s owner, 21st Century Fox, began an internal review and ultimately determined that he could no longer remain in the job.

Not that he'd done anything wrong or anything, of course, especially not in any way that would open them to liability.

Wonkette will bring you more on Mr. Ailes's departure from Fox as the story develops, and as we eventually stop giggling.


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