All Y'all Need To Sign This Petition To Make George W. Bush Ambassador To The Iraq Such As


Nobody was all that surprised when the White House's petition site got turned into a vehicle for silliness, like the petition calling on the U.S. Government tobuild its very own Death Star, or to deport Piers Morgan for not loving guns the way a real American should. And then there's the stupid ones, like the suggestion that we name sportsball goalkeeper Tim Howard as "secretary of DEFENSE," haw-haw. But we're pretty sure that Wonkers can all get behind this excellent suggestion: Appoint George W. Bush the next ambassador to Iraq.

The petition, which only has 350 signatures at the moment, reads:

In the best interest of both Nations, we the undersigned, respectfully request that Former President George W. Bush be nominated for the position of U.S. Ambassador to the Nation of Iraq. Said position should include all rights and responsibilities of the Ambassador, including residence in the country in which they are representing the interests of the United States.

We'd settle for Dick Cheney, though. Or Donald Rumsfeld. Or John Bolton. Or John McCain. Or...

[ via [RollCall]

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