Already Way Down In 37th Place, American Life Expectancy Is Much Worse In the South, Texas, Etc.


How's the "best health care system in the world" doing, these days? Uhh ....

Large swaths of the United States are showing decreasing or stagnating life expectancy even as the nation’s overall longevity trend has continued upwards, according to a county-by-county study of life expectancy over two decades.

In one-quarter of the country, girls born today may live shorter lives than their mothers, and the country as a whole is falling behind other industrialized nations in the march toward longer life, according to the study.

Where are we living the longest? In the super-rich mansions of Fairfax County, Virginia, with Dick Cheney! And where are living short, hideous little lives? All over the country, but especially in Appalachia, the South, and Texas. How much do we spend per capita on health care, in this country? TWICE AS MUCH AS ANYWHERE ELSE ON EARTH. But, to be fair, the richest 10% spends all of that, on plastic surgery to revitalize their hairlines or vaginas, and the other 90% buys Tylenol on a credit card and then dies of obesity & liver failure. [Washington Post]


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