American President Meets Foreign Leader, Doesn't Even Step On Own Dick!


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Time for another post about a normal thing happening in the Biden Years! There are so many things we lost during the Trump Years, it's hard to remember all 75,000,000 of them at any given time, so each time something Actually Normal happens, it's like a happy surprise.

Today's Normal Thing is that the president of the United States met with the leader of one of our closest allies and the American president did NOT step on his dick and and he did NOT embarrass America forever and he did NOT destroy the relationship with our ally and he did NOT insult our ally and our ally did NOT get caught on tape making fun of the American president to literally everybody they ever met.

And because it was Justin Trudeau, we should mention that he didn't have to do a weirdo handshake dance to prevent the American president from trying to assert some kind of weirdo tiny-handed handshake arm-ripping-out-of-socket dominance.

Trudeau was shady as balls, of course, but in a good way, because he wasn't being shady to President Joe Biden, but to Donald Trump:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Biden like an old friend, took a tacit swipe at former president Donald Trump and said he was glad to have a partner on climate change again during the leaders' first virtual bilateral meeting.

"U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over the past years," Trudeau said, referring to his strained relationship with Trump.

Welcome back, America! It's nice to see you again! What was all that -- *gesturing to the past four years* -- about? Oh well, let's just try to pretend it never happened, even though we really can't.

The meeting was virtual, because of the damn pandemic, which will be over someday, and whenever that happens we'll be able to see a real president meeting with a real foreign leader in person. That'll be weird! Trudeau referenced that future event:

"I look forward to seeing you in person in the future," Biden told Trudeau. "The United States has no closer friend than Canada."

"Even when you're weird and lose your absolute fucking mind for years on end," Trudeau did not add, because of how he is polite.

We'd show you a video of the meeting, except for how you probably don't want to watch Joe Biden doing a Zoom meeting with Justin Trudeau, unless you do, in which case you can maybe find it on PornHub somewhere, the end.

[Washington Post]

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