Americans Don't Even Want to Make Newt Gingrich's T-Shirts


It is almost sad, that's how easy it is to make a joke out of doughy marshmallow Newt Gingrich these days. But Newt Gingrich is determined to make the unintentional comedy scale tip in his favor, for Victory 2012! These are hard times, after all. Maybe all America really wants to do is laugh! What America does not want to do is earn two dollars an hour sweating to death in a t-shirt factory, a fact that was recently brought to the attention of Newt Gingrich by some snob with a video camera.

A person somewhere who is already unfortunate enough to hold the title "Newt Gingrich Campaign Volunteer" is now going to get fired, because he ordered a bunch of t-shirts from El Salvador instead of from that creepy guy at American Apparel, a company Newt Gingrich has probably heard of from his time hanging out with the Youths on Twitter.

"I'll have to ask the folks who ordered this," Gingrich responded. "I don't order it and I don't do it."

Campaign spokesperson Michelle Selesky said "That was a rush order made by some of the volunteers." Selesky noted the print work on the shirts was done in Atlanta.

"One of the challenges with a volunteer campaign is lots of volunteers do lots of different things," Gingrich said.

This is what happens when you can only get mediocre volunteers on your campaign, Newt! Do you think Bachmann has to put up with this nonsense? Of course not, because her volunteers are afraid that if they mess up she will have her angry, cannibal version of Jesus eat them alive. [TPM/CNN]


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