America's Worst Men Thrilled By Prospect Of Controlling Women's Bodies, Taking Away Our Rights

America's Worst Men Thrilled By Prospect Of Controlling Women's Bodies, Taking Away Our Rights
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This weekend, during a pro-choice rally in New York City, a bunch of douchebags stood outside St. Patrick's church, supposedly "defending" it, though no one was even trying to go in there. At some point, one of these men, wearing an FDNY sweatshirt and an "America First" hat, signaling that he is a Groyper and follower of white nationalist Nick Fuentes, started gleefully screaming at protesters that he was going to force them to have his babies.

"I am the people. I am the people," he shouted with a big ass smile on his face. "The people have decided, the court has decided. You lose. You have no choice. Not your body, not your choice. Your body is mine and you're having my baby!"

Gee, that sounds a lot like rape, given that it's highly unlikely anyone there would consent to sex with him. While Groypers are not allowed to have sex or masturbate before marriage, maybe there is an unspoken exception for rape, given how much they hate women.

The FDNY released a statement this morning stating that it does not know this man.

"A video circulating from a protest in Manhattan over the weekend shows an individual wearing an FDNY sweatshirt. The individual in the video is not a member of the FDNY. The comments made do not represent the views of the FDNY. The matter is under investigation."

The sweatshirt has the name Powers written on it, so it's not likely something he got at a tourist shop, but he could have gotten it from a friend or relation in the FDNY. It does seem likely he wore it in order to intimidate protesters and make them think he or someone like him could show up at their house in an emergency. So yes, they should certainly look into who it is that gave him that sweatshirt.

It is easy to write this guy off as some kind of chooch who thinks he's edgy — just as easy as it is to point out that this is exactly what people said about the legions of internet trolls who propelled Donald Trump to the presidency. But it's also worth it to note that overturning Roe does not just mean disempowering those of us who can get pregnant, it means empowering guys like this. And that's probably not going to end well.

We have a lot of men out there who are currently very mad at, well, everything. Incel boards and Men's Rights boards this week were filled with men thrilled by Roe being overturned just because it would hurt us.

"Personally, I think this kind of thing is good because it will destabilize whoredom," wrote one creep on

"Foids can't escape consequences of being massive whores anymore and sexhaver males I couldn't care less what happens to them," said another, adding, "Why should I have to suffer and be sexless while everyone else be happy. Everyone should fucking suffer like me. It's only fair. Maybe then they will understand inceldom."

"The political implications are huge though. The right for females to kill babies will be the first female right to be revoked, ever," another incel wrote. "For all of human history men have been foolishly giving females more and more rights, which obviously has been a disaster in hindsight. More rights need to be taken away from them, a lot more, actually all of their rights need to be removed before anything will legitimately get better."

That is who is being empowered by this. People who want to control women's bodies, who like screaming at them that they are going to force them to have their babies, who would love to see all our rights taken away. People who go on mass shooting sprees because they are mad at women for rejecting them. People who are happy that this will lead to more women having to drop out of school, more women having to quit their jobs, and, because many of these states will be making abortion a felony, more women being unable to vote.

And it's not only the "fringe" fantasizing about that, either.

If anything, we're not being "hysterical" enough.

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