Ammon Bundy Told To Wear Mask At Football Game, Just Like Jewish People In Nazi Germany

Ammon Bundy Told To Wear Mask At Football Game, Just Like Jewish People In Nazi Germany

Ammon Bundy, who has never shied away from being wrong and in the most offensive way possible, ruined an Idaho high school's football game on Friday by refusing to wear a mask.

Bundy was denied entry to a football game his son was playing in due to his refusal. He insisted on remaining and stood behind the end zone to watch his son play, and was asked again, during half time, to put on a mask or leave. His son's coaches begged and pleaded with him not to ruin the game for all of the kids. He refused, and they ended up having to cancel the game because of it. Because the stand he was making, he insisted, was more important than a football game, and he could not understand how they couldn't see that.

In a Facebook video recorded by Bundy after the game, members of the community made it clear that they weren't too happy about not getting to see their kids finish out the game — particularly since his son's team was winning 35-0 — because he had to go and be a selfish jackass. No one understood why he wouldn't just suck it up and wear the damn mask or leave. He kept trying to explain that he was doing it for them, for liberty, and absolutely no one was buying it.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Caldwell Police Department spokesman Joey Hoadley subsequently said, "Canyon County dispatch began receiving multiple calls from unidentified callers threatening acts of violence at the game stemming from the dispute over masks, at which time the decision was made to cancel the game for the safety of students and fans."

In another video recorded a few days after the incident, Bundy explained how being told he had to wear a mask at a football game during a pandemic made him feel just like Jewish people during the Holocaust and Black people during Jim Crow. This would not be the first time he's made the Holocaust comparison.

He said:

When I was standing there and my family was standing there, I honestly could imagine, accurately I believe, what a Jewish person felt in the '30s in Germany. Especially the beginning, how they were discriminated against, they were told that it was a health crisis to have them in their society because their genes were inferior.

Another people that I could, that I felt like I could relate to at that moment was like a black man or a black family in the 1950s. '50s, early '60s. Before that too, but you know, where they had to go to bathrooms in different bathrooms, they couldn't go in the public bathrooms, they couldn't sit at the front of the bus, they couldn't go to colleges. They were excluded from those things because of their difference.

If you are wondering how nobody being singled out, and everyone having to wear a mask, discriminates against some of them, you are not Ammon Bundy. Tune in next week, when Ammon Bundy compares a hangnail he's got to torture suffered by prisoners of war.

He kept going on and on about how one of the people who asked him to leave was a history professor who should have understood that asking people to wear masks during a pandemic was definitely the first step towards another Holocaust or some other serious kind of oppression.

Ammon Bundy is far from the only conservative, let alone the only anti-masker, to compare their own personal experience to that of Jewish people in Nazi Germany or to various forms of oppression faced by Black people. Or to any other group of oppressed people, really. This is partly because they don't actually think that what those people went through was all that bad — and therefore the kind of thing one can compare to being asked to wear a mask at a high school football game to prevent the transmission of a highly contagious virus. It is also partly because they believe their own bullshit about the "oppression Olympics." They think that people who have experienced oppression or are part of a historically oppressed group are more respected, better liked, and more listened to than they are. They feel that those people have taken some of their privilege away, and they don't like it. They see people belonging to these groups as getting some kind of "pass" that they are not getting, and they are furious about it.

So they actually think that if they can somehow convince a majority of Americans that they are the most oppressed of all (ideally without having to suffer any actual oppression), they will be able to reassume their rightful place at the top of the social hierarchy, and that no one will question it because truly — after all they've been through, those cisgender heterosexual white Christian men deserve it.

Unfortunately for them — like all of the people forced to leave that Idaho football game — no one else is buying their act.

[Talking Points Memo]

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