And Now, Fox News Will Cry A Bunch About The Racist Birds From 'Dumbo' Getting Canceled

The other day, at the beginning of one of our trademark very funny #joketime blog posts about Fox News's War For The Preservation Of Racist Children's Antiquities, we included a text our very funny #joketime brother had sent us about where all this CANCEL CULTURE was leading:

Imagining a day in the not too distant future when all conservatives have children's books and toys displayed proudly with gendered pronoun title cards in little display cases. Like if you proclaim yourself as a conservative and someone comes into your home they're going to expect to see your altar of canceled children's media that you pray to. "In the name of the racist birds from Dumbo, Amen."

Well turns out our brother is a very funny #joketime PROPHET, because would you look at what Fox News just bitched about:

FOX IDIOT: If your children cannot find Peter Pan on Disney+, it's not you! It's not you! The service yanked that classic movie and a few others from its kids' profiles! So why is Captain Hook gettin' the hook? It's like cancel culture and the nanny state got together and they're besties now.

TIRED: Obsessing over Mr. Potato Head's genitals and racist Dr. Seuss books hardly anybody was reading anyway.


This is the "news," on "Fox News." That Disney+ has CANCELELLELELELED!1!!11!! those four particular films.

Is the House passing a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill today, a massive and progressive bill that will help hundreds of millions of Americans, cut child poverty in half, get people vaccinated, expand healthcare access, get schools back open, and also put dollars in your checking account? Distract, distract, distract! Switch to the next thing in the outrage cycle!

Because the outrage cycle is the point. So get ready for your week of aggrieved, emotional defenses of the racist crows from Dumbo. (One of their names was literally originally Jim fucking Crow!) And get ready for your week of Fox News and other right-wing pundits saying all the racist depictions of American Indians in Peter Pan are just good, innocent fun. And so on. And so forth. Rinse. Repeat.

So what actually happened? Nothing much, really. Disney+ decided to take those four movies — Dumbo, Peter Pan, Swiss Family Robinson, and The Aristocats — out of the kids' sections, where kids can access all the kid-approved content on their own, and stick them in the adult section with content warnings, where parents can decide if they want their kids to see them. That's it.

We're sure some Republican will scream about this on the House floor before dinnertime, if they haven't already.

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