Andrew Breitbart Says Glenn Beck Helped Him With Shirley Sherrod Vid

Andrew Breitbart Says Glenn Beck Helped Him With Shirley Sherrod Vid

When Andrew Breitbart got his hands on a video of a speech on race by a woman named Shirley Sherrod, he knew he could edit it so as to make the NAACP seem racist. It waspretty obvious what was going on, but after wimpy fertilizer king Tom Vilsack got scared and fired her, and the NAACP got scared and attacked her, the media eventually absolved Sherrod of the dumb, baseless charges against her. These days, Breitbart is still trying to attack Sherrod and the alleged "corruption" he uncovered in this mess, but he's pretty much being ignored as the fraud he is. So now he's trying to bring Glenn Beck down with him, because why not? "According to Mr. Breitbart, fellow Tea Partier Glenn Beck first joined him in editing and eviscerating Ms. Sherrod's 2010 N.A.A.C.P. speech on the radio, before publishing the unedited version on his Web site, discrediting Mr. Breitbart on television and calling for his apology." Is Breitbart running for a public office: the CALIPHATE?

"Next thing I know, I'm under complete attack without the support of Glenn Beck, who I thought was somebody I could count on," Mr. Breitbart told the Transom. "He threw me under the bus."

Yes, if only Breitbart had Glenn Beck by his side. Then he would have seemed credible.

Somehow, Breitbart has a new book coming out. "Big Education" will be the title of his next blog, because as everyone knows, teachers are demons and they use books to murder children. Except for Breitbart's books! You need those books to learn how to dig a whole in which to hide from the government. [New York Observer]


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