Andrew Sullivan Misses His Ample Foreskin


Um ...

God knows why this aspect of manhood has loomed so large in my erotic imagination … but there we are. The earliest porn I ever saw I had to create myself. I drew sketches of the men I longed for in a scrapbook and they were all covered in fur. Maybe it’s because body hair is such a powerful visual indicator of testosterone and maleness; maybe I’m just a perv. Or maybe because when a man allows his body to be what it is, and doesn’t try to micromanage every inch of it, he’s inherently sexier than the manscaped, plucked and trussed twink version.

No, we do not even have words. The taste of vomit in our mouths that will never go away, yes, but no words. We are used to being able to have a hearty guffaw at Sullivan's sexytime TMI, but we cannot even.

We do, however, have this video of Andrew Sullivan's erotic dreams. Discuss.

[Andrew Sullivan]


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