Another Minnesota Cop Can't Contain His Feelings About Running Protesters Over

Another Minnesota Cop Can't Contain His Feelings About Running Protesters Over

so sorry, but there's no one here to play the good cop right now

So a cop in Minnesota posted something on his Facebook page urging people to run over Black Lives Matters protesters and is now on leave. Wait a second. Didn't we already write about this guy? And didn't he already voluntarily up and rage quit just a few days ago, sparing us all of the long dragged-out process where he somehow got to keep his job anyway? Haha, no, that was a different Minnesota cop, a bright and shining piece of humanity named Jeffrey Rothecker.

This new fellow is named Ben Schlag, and he is from Rochester, Minnesota, which is smaller and even more provincial than Saint Paul, Minnesota. And Ben doesn't just hate on Black Lives Matter protesters! He also too hates Muslims! Congratulations on being a multi-faceted dickbag, Ben!

The group Rochester for Justice says it notified police about Schlag’s posts, saying he has shared a “litany of anti-Muslim and racist posts,” including some that appear to support “shooting radical Muslims in the face” and running over protesters.

Are there screenshots? Oh yes, there are screenshots, and they show that Schlag's Facebook Feels ran the gamut from banal (har har har "White Christmas" is racist harharherrrrr) to the distinctly unwise for a police officer to post (running over protesters, natch).

Now, to be fair, it looks like Schlag's crime was limited to re-posting stupid memes rather than writing entire posts about how to run people over and get away with it, but we think that probably only proves that Schlag was lazier, not less craven and racist and overall terrible.

Schlag, a five-year veteran of the Rochester police department, is of course on leave. Here's hoping he needs to spend some more time with his family and resigns sooner rather than later.

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