You may be amused by the nine minutes of pure weirdness in this here exposé of the Secret Illuminati Symbolism in Bruno Mars' Sportsball Halftime Extravaganza. Apparently, all SportsBowl halftime shows -- like last year's, with the Beyoncé -- are simply shot through with Illuminati messages, because in addition to secretly running the world, the Illuminati just can't seem to stop themselves from sending messages coded in the rhythmic language of dance. Happily, if you've read lots of children's books like Redwall, you are really good at seeing secret messages sewn into banners and tucked away in the details of architecture. So what are the hidden Illuminati messages of Bruno Mars and his Spiders From Ziggy Stardust?

What you need to understand, says Illuminati Halftime Show Analyst Mark Dice, is that everything is symbolic. For instance, the other musical performers were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose best-known album is "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." Now, "magic' here is spelled with a K on the end, just like weird freaky sex fiend Aleister Crowley spelled it! And Crowley did occult demon sex stuff! (Nota bene: Crowley actually liked to spell it "Magick," with a "ck," but don't worry about that, because such tiny details as a one-letter difference only matter when they fit your conspiracy theory, not when they don't.) Disgusting! The Chili Peppers sang a song about Sex Magik with lyrics about "putting it in you" and also the Kaiser, which was a brand of car in the '50s, though Mark Dice does not even mention that! What ugly truths about the Henry J is he unwilling to face?

Still, Dice is happy to note that the Illuminati symbolism this time around is not as blatant as last year, when Beyoncé made a hand signal, or a couple years back when Madonna dressed just like a DEMON. Even so, there was a triangle on the stage, and all triangles are about Illuminati, and also there was war propaganda for all of our bogus wars, and the NFL is tax-exempt, which is all part of the Big Plot, and Bruno Mars sings songs that promote sex trafficking, or maybe the Super Bowl itself is a big cover for all the sex trafficking. Just look at the evidence, sheeple!

The sex trafficking aspect of the Super Bowl is a very real, dark underbelly of this corporate-sponsored gun-grabbing-promotion war propaganda event. Pretty disgusting if you want to read up on the reality ... this is sex slavery.

Then there's something about L'il Wayne videos showing women bathing in blood, too. And all the sheep go along with it, because they're happy to be led down the path to satanic destruction. And the father of American football was a member of Skull and Bones! What more do you need to say, really? This is a very important warning to America about the blatant hidden secret messages that are plainly visible in the Halftime show, hiding in plain sight. And what they add up to is that Demonic secret societies are brainwashing you with football while our Constitution is pillaged and our quarterback sacked. RESIST!

Best part of the video: Dice says "In conclusion" the first time at about the seven-minute mark...and then thinks of another three minutes of material, with at least two more sign-offs as he goes along. And when he finally does get to the end, he just stops, without an actual ending. But fools don't take him seriously, for some reason, because their minds have been taken over by the Illuminati mainstream media Babylonian wasteland cesspool agenda.

Laugh at him at your peril, sheeple!

[Jeff's Freedom Page / InfoWars via Friend of Wonkette, SouthernBeale]

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