Anti-Abortion Guy So Mad Strangers In His House Did Not Agree With Him


Outrage! Deceit! The president is somehow involved! Abortion is terrible!

Recognize the themes? That's right, it's the Daily Caller! They are so mad — so mad, guys — that some communist, baby-killing organization called NARAL filmed an anti-abortion activist discussing his views... and then showed people that footage. BRACE YOURSELVES.

It all started, you see, back when communications firm GMMB — which, it should definitely be noted, is "a consulting firm linked to President Barack Obama" — contacted 24-year-old Mark Earley Jr. and asked if they could interview him about his views on abortion:

“I don’t really know how [GMMB] knew who I was. They wanted to know if I was willing to be interviewed as one part of a series they were doing on millenials’ views on the issue of abortion. They couldn’t tell me who it was for,” Earley said. “They had been doing this thing for a while. I was just one of several people” GMMB interviewed...

Though Earley did not know how the interview footage would be used, he agreed to participate anyway, citing a desire to share his pro-life viewpoints with whatever audience the interview footage would eventually reach.

What? That's it? But the headline of the article promised that "PRO-ABORTION GROUP HIRES OBAMA-LINKED CONSULTING FIRM TO GRILL PRO-LIFERS AT HOME." Show us the grilling Daily Caller!

“They asked about my personal involvement, any kind of activity or speaking I do on the matter,” Earley said.

Egad! It's EXACTLY as bad as it sounds! What happened next — oh, gosh, wow... they LEFT? How could Obama do this?!

This is the United States of America. A man who lets strangers into his home and willingly answers all of their questions on film should be able to just assume, even though they would not say so, that those people agree with him! If he has "a desire to share his pro-life viewpoints with whatever audience the interview footage would eventually reach," he should be able to make sweeping assumptions about that audience! This country is falling apart, it really is.

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