Anti-Maskers So Scared Of Vaxxed People, They Just Might Have To Wear A Mask!

Vice has a new report on a thing that's happening in the anti-vaccine, anti-mask movement. It is quite a thing:

A conspiracy ripping through the anti-vax world may finally drive some anti-maskers to do the unthinkable: wear a mask and keep their distance.


Wonkette has discussed a bit where this is coming from. These absolute brain wizards think vaccinated people are going to "shed" virus on them, which is then going to cause untold calamities. The COVID-19 vaccines aren't made of live virus, but that doesn't stop these tools.

They think it's going to turn people braindead. They think it's going to cause spontaneous abortions. They think it's going to poison babies drinking their mothers' breastmilk. They think it's going to change people's entire menstrual cycles. No, really, that was the thing with that school in Miami, where the idiot co-founder with a "very heavy heart" explained that she knew of "at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person." This was why she had to ban vaccinated teachers from being around students.

To be honest, our first reaction to that was to imagine a person getting an unexpected period and immediately glaring at everyone in the room like "WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS TO ME! I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YOU!"

Again, this is not about the vaccine itself. They believe if you get shed on by people who are vaccinated, you will be in a vegetative state and/or something something spontaneous abortion poison periods.

Needless to say, it's all bullshit.

But Vice has the deets on these anti-vaxxer/anti-mask people who might just have to wear a mask now, to protect them from all the bad things caused by the vaccines and the shedding.

Sherri Tenpenny, an anti-vaxxer who was found to be key in spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories, suggested on a recent anti-vax livestream that you may have to "stay away from somebody who's had these shots…forever."

Yes, please!

"There is something being passed from people who are shot up with this poison to others who have not gotten the shot," said Larry Palevsky, a New York pediatrician and anti-vaxxer, on a separate livestream. They should also "have a badge on their arms that say 'I've been vaccinated even though it's not a vaccine' so that we know to avoid them on the street, to not go near them anywhere in society," he said.

We think they imagine this playing out differently than it actually would. As if they are the ones who would be out and about doing fun, glamorous things, and we would be shunned and rejected by society. Shhhh, nobody tell them, it's more fun if they find out as a surprise!

And then yes, there are those cited by Vice who literally are saying they need masks now. They found a weasel-brained idiot on 4chan who wondered if they should "wear a mask around the vaccinated, because they shed the mRNA stuff?" There was a Twitter dipshit guy who swore he'd be "watching these vaccine shedding stories like a hawk" and asked, "Is my family going to need to wear masks to protect ourselves from the vaccinated?" Sure, mister, if that's what gets you to cover your dirty skank face!

And then there is certifiably bugfuck Canadian sovereign citizen person Dr. Judy Mikovits, who featured heavily in the Plandemic conspiracy theory documentary that went around during the beginning of the pandemic. (For a reminder of what she's like, hit that link.) She's already WEARIN' MASKS, y'all. She's wearing COLLOIDAL SILVER masks.

Mikovits told a story about how she was kicked off a plane for wearing a colloidal silver mask—colloidal silver being a supplement long championed by the anti-vax and holistic crowd—to defend herself from airborne viruses.

"Why do you think they pulled me off the plane with the silver mask?" said Mikovits. "Because I'm not going to get sick, folks. I'm not going to get sick."

Reminder: Colloidal silver is that silver snake oil shit that turns people permanently blue that Jim Bakker and Alex Jones are always getting in trouble for selling. Bakker thinks it also cures HIV and the COVID virus itself. Jones was selling it as toothpaste.

And this dumb asshole is willing to wear it on her face to protect from THE SHEDDINGS!!!!1! But we guess she's not willing to wear a regular mask to protect her from THE PLANDEMIC.

Vice reports that not all savvy and discerning anti-masker/anti-vaxxers are simply inhaling the idea that they should do a 180 and wear masks now, to protect from TEH SHEDS!!1!1 Know why? Because not even masks cannot save you from SHEDSTRAVAGANZAS.

"The mask won't save people from this, either. So if you're thinking you're just going to walk around with a mask on around your vaccinated friends and family members, it's the same as walking around with one for COVID," said one woman during a YouTube roundup for anti-vaxxers who purported to be Canadian nurses. "It's going right through."

Oh well, if they can't protect themselves from getting shed all over with masks, what CAN protect them? Vice says the Natural News website says "the only thing" that might work is "pine needle tea."

Nobody tell Donald Trump, he'll have 'em drinking bleach before you know it.

These people walk among us. Every day.

And with that comforting thought, OPEN THREAD!


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