'Any Commander-In-Chief With A Spine Would Be Stomping The Living Sh*t Out Of Some Russians Right Now'

The Lincoln Project is out with a new ad in response to credible allegations that Donald Trump knew his bossman Vladimir Putin was paying the Taliban to murder American troops, and did nothing. As with most ads from the Lincoln Project, it makes us hope that when the Trump administration is in the rearview mirror, at least some Democrats will have learned to fight nasty like these guys do.

Here is former Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff. He has thoughts about Donald Trump:

Betrayed www.youtube.com

BARKHUFF: Any commander-in-chief with a spine would be stomping the living shit out of some Russians right now, diplomatically, economically or if necessary with the sort of asymmetric warfare they're using to send our kids home in body bags. Mr. Trump, you're either a coward who can't stand up to an ex-KGB goon or you're complicit. Which is it?

Shit fuck damn. That's an ad right there.

Dr. Barkhuff adds that Trump is "worse than useless." He also says he is "pro-life," which is (GIANT WANKING MOTION) but hey, it's an ad made by a Republican group targeted at pro-military Republicans. Whatever. We sure do like ads that call Trump the complicit coward loser he is.

Barkhuff's right that any real American president right now would be "stomping the living shit out of some Russians." He's also right that Trump is a "coward who can't stand up to an ex-KGB goon" or maybe he's complicit. Reminder: We still don't know for sure if Donald Trump is a Russian intelligence asset — he certainly serves Putin like one — and it appears any investigation into that has been memoryholed in Attorney General Bill Barr's ample rear-hole, where he hopes the truth will never seep out.

We should note that Trump has, at long last, DEFINITELY been briefed at this point on the Russian bounty thing they've been trying to brief him on for seemingly more than a year now, both by putting it in his briefing book and by administering the information orally. (We assume there's still nobody willing to try giving it to him anally.) White House press jerk Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday that he's been briefed now, and then she lied and said Trump "does read" and "consumes intelligence verbally" and "is the most informed person on Planet Earth when it comes to the threats that we face." National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien also says Trump's definitely been briefed now, but not before, and definitely not last year when John Bolton said he personally briefed Trump on it, but now he has, NOT BEFORE.

So what is Trump doing now that he DEFINITELY has been briefed on it now, but NOT BEFORE?

Golly, mister president, that's still not "I'm sorry your kid is dead and if this is true, I will do something about it." Weird how that's the one thing he refuses to say.

NBC News's Kristen Welker and Phil Helsel report that parents of troops killed in Afghanistan recently are starting to speak up loudly demanding those answers from the coward Trump. Erik Hendriks, whose son Marine Cpl. Robert Hendriks was killed in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan in 2019, says it would "break [his] heart" if his son's death happened because Putin was paying the Taliban to kill Americans. And nobody's reached out to the family to tell them anything, because we guess the Trump administration can't even be bothered to lie to them, and the president is obviously too busy tweet-whining about Democratic New York Times hoaxes:

"Why hasn't anybody called me or my ex-wife to settle us? Isn't it enough the hell we're going through that no one has come forward with anything at all?" he asked. "It's really horrible."

Meanwhile, CNBC reports that moms of troops killed in Afghanistan are also demanding investigations. Felicia Arculeo is Robert Hendriks's mom:

"I just happened to randomly see" the news about the report, Arculeo said.

"I got pretty upset."

Another mom, Shawn Gregoire, whose son Spc. Michael Isaiah Nance, an Army paratrooper, was killed in what's called an "insider attack," said, "I really want someone to get to the bottom of this." She added:

"Just angry that I had to find out there's a possible link ... through the media," Gregoire said.

She said she is "wondering if there's some truth to this and if these attacks could have been prevented." [...]

"Even if he was not briefed, what's happening now?"

"What are you doing now, now that you know?" Gregoire asked, referring to Trump.

Expect more where that came from.

By the way, the White House is still chasing its own bullshit on whether the intelligence community was in agreement about the bounties or what the Russian money was for or whether it was paid out for successful killings of Americans. We should note that the Wall Street Journal's latest reporting says actually the CIA and NSA didn't disagree on "the central assessment that operatives with Russia's GRU intelligence agency paid bounties to the insurgent Taliban movement to kill Americans." The Journal's earlier reporting suggested they did.

Every time we get more information in this story, it gets worse.

Former SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff said in that ad above that "Any commander-in-chief with a spine would be stomping the living shit out of some Russians right now."

Instead we have Donald Trump.

[NBC News / CNBC]

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