Any Trumps Or Trump Retainers Wanna Whine About People 'Profiting' Off The Presidency?

IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? Please tell me Eric Trump did not write an op-ed bitching about double standards because the media is mean to him and super gentle with Hunter Biden. That boy cannot possibly have been so dense.

Irony has just been shot dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue.

This whinyass, Nazi-haired, little punk wants to complain that his family gets beat up by the media after they spent years bedding down with a bunch of racists who think Hillary Clinton was a pedophile who abused children in the basement of a DC pizza parlor? The guy who flogged the Uranium One lie about Hillary Clinton? The guy who said Bob Woodward would say anything to "make three extra shekels"? The guy who parked his ass in a handicapped seat in the front row at the UN General Assembly last week with his entire family just hours before announcing that he'd gotten approval from the local Scottish government to build 500 homes next to his father's Turnberry golf course? That guy wants to lecture the media on how to cover politicians' families? Really?

Liddle' Eric is still smarting from a 2017 Forbes article where Dan Alexander revealed that Young Trump had lied about donating the entire $1.8 million raised at a charity golf tournament to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Because when Eric said, "We just raised an inordinate amount of money, and it all obviously goes to the children of St. Jude," he forgot to add, "less the $240,000 for expenses and $200,000 of donated money we're going to siphon off to give to other charities we like."

As a defense, Eric Trump wraps himself in the heroic mission of St. Jude and points to all the money he's raised. Which is true, unlike his representations to donors about what he did with their cash. He further points to the timing of the story in 2017 when "the Clinton Foundation controversy was in full swing, and the media knew that it could use me as their punching bag to distract from one of their own." Which is bullshit, since no one gave a rat's ass about the Clinton Foundation after the election. But they did care about the Trump Foundation, which was recently shut down because it was improperly used to pay off Trump Organization debts and buy hideous portraits of Trump at charitable auctions, and was as a repository for other people's donations which could then be used for giant prop checks to veterans' charities and displayed at campaign rallies to make it seem like Trump was the real donor. Eric Trump, as a trustee, had a legal obligation to ensure that none of that happened. But he seems to have forgotten to mention any of that in his Hill editorial. Whoopsie!

Then he goes on to ask why Saturday Night Live doesn't do skits about Hunter Biden's drug problems, failed marriage, failed businesses, and his dead mother, sister and brother. Yeah, it's a mystery all right.

We at this here mommyblog have no brief for Hunter Biden, who is a clearly a fuckup who tried to monetize his father's name. But we are NOT HERE for a lecture on nepotism from a guy who, to cite just a few examples:

  • doubled the membership fee at Mar-a-Lago five minutes after the inauguration;
  • currently manages his father's DC hotel on federal property, which earned him a reported $3.95 million last year, assuming his share is the same as his sister's;
  • coordinated an arrangement with the Scottish government to house American soldiers at taxpayer expense at his father's Turnberry hotel;
  • pocketed upwards of $550,000 in golf cart rental fees at his clubs for his father's Secret Service detail;
  • presented his father's Doral resort as the ideal choice for the G7 meeting to be held in the US next year;
  • pocketed over $700,000 in fees from Trump inauguration rentals alone.
Not to mention the fact that Eric's sister and brother-in-law maintain extensive international and domestic businesses while shaping policy in their "jobs" at the White House.

And speaking of people who need to STFU about monetizing the Vice Presidency, look at this shameless sonofabitch right here!

One of the main reasons we were elected to come to Washington DC was to drain the swamp. And I think the American people have a right to know if the Vice President of the United State or his family profited from his position as Vice President during the last administration.

Bold words from a sanctimonious little asskisser who just hauled his security detail 181 miles across Ireland -- TWICE -- at a taxpayer cost of $600,000 for the transportation alone, so he could patronize Donald Trump's hotel in Doonbeg. Also at taxpayer expense. And also, too, FUCKER WE SAW YOU EXTORT THE UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT, AND LYING ABOUT BIDEN WON'T CHANGE THAT.

But it's not all gloom and doom. It seems that young Eric spoke too soon, and his plans to build those houses in Scotland got nixed by local authorities. WOMP WOMP.

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Liz Dye

Liz Dye lives in Baltimore with her wonderful husband and a houseful of teenagers. When she isn't being mad about a thing on the internet, she's hiding in plain sight in the carpool line. She's the one wearing yoga pants glaring at her phone.


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