AOC Went To Met Gala Last Night Just To Hurt Conservative White Male Feelings, What A Asshole

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AOC Went To Met Gala Last Night Just To Hurt Conservative White Male Feelings, What A Asshole

Bad news, everyone. It's opinion day on the internet again, and everybody's competing for a participation trophy.

Lotta people have opinions about Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going to the Met Gala, where she wore a dress by a Brooklyn designer what said "TAX THE RICH" on the back.

Depending on your viewpoint, you might think Ocasio-Cortez is a hypocrite for schmoozing with the rich even though she LITERALLY HATES the rich. (Because she wants to tax them, this means she hates them, just like if you want to teach all of American history, even the parts where white people didn't comport themselves with the utmost in moral character and dignity, that means you literally hate all white people. This is how Republicans think.) Maybe you think she is being a hypocrite because she accepted the gift of a free ticket to the Met Gala or a borrowed dress. (In which case you've definitely been Doing Your Own Research on how fundraisers and gifts to politicians work!) Maybe you think she is being a traitor to The Cause because "reason." (You're just jealous, most likely.)

Let's look at some of our favorite conservative men melting down about the pretty lady they're all scared of going to the fancy place they'd never be invited to.

Molly Jong-Fast tees up a couple:

That's Matt Walsh saying, we guess, that Canadian immigrants aren't real immigrants, and that AOC supports the "direct murder of children." We could respond to it, but it's better with men like Walsh just to make a McKayla Maroney face while doing the jerkoff motion but just with your thumb and your forefinger because we're talking about Matt Walsh here.

Point is, he big mad.

So's plagiarist loser Benny Johnson:

It's funny because AOC likely didn't have to pay for literally any of it. She was invited as a New York politician to the very fancy New York fundraiser, and teamed up with an up-and-coming designer who made her a fancy dress that just so happened to get everybody talking about taxing the rich. New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney wore a dress that said "Equal Rights for Women," but Republican men aren't screaming at her right now because they aren't as panty-pissing scared of/fixated on her like they are with AOC.

But good tweet, Benny, bet whoever he copied it off of felt clever. (Allegedly!)

This wingnut who wasn't on the guest list is pretty sure AOC's dress made Americans ... hungry for shitty greasy Christ chicken?

Here's the Trump with the most cattywampus face saying ... a thing.

"Authoritarian mask Karen." Good one, Junior.

Of course, you had to be vaccinated to go to the Met Gala, which is literally the reason we are talking about Tucker Carlson crying in the corner because he heard a rumor from somebody who heard a rumor that Nicki Minaj's cousin in Trinidad got a case of the gigantic exploding impotence balls that were ALLEGEDLY ruined (read: not ruined) by the COVID vaccine. Also, New York is a very vaccinated city, and the whole point of getting people vaccinated (instead of dewormed) is so we can get past this damn pandemic and back to normal life, and so we don't have to be authoritarian mask Karens anymore.

Here's Ted Cruz, who is having similar brainworms to Junior up there, these boys really need to take their Ivermectin chewables:

As we were saying above, regarding simple-minded Republicans who think AOC literally hates all rich people.

Ditto for House Republicans, who could have actually sought out some information about the party they weren't invited to, but tweeted stupid quotes from poorly written and researched Fox News articles instead:

So many white men, so many feelings.

So did AOC really completely own the libs last night, specifically HERSELF the lib?

As the congresswoman noted in an Instagram story, there was a surge in searches for "Tax the rich" last night while she was showing off that dress. And she did it at the rich people party! So that seems to be a win.

Also newsflash to the confused: AOC is definitely not rich, particularly by the standards of members of Congress, or by the standards of other attendees at the Met Gala. But she sure does advocate people paying their fair share. And oh look, she talked about that on the red carpet standing next to the designer of the dress, whom AOC brought as her guest:

For more on what a coup this really was for the message AOC came to deliver, read Amee Vanderpool.

AOC also explained Met Gala Tickets, How Do THEY Work, for any who are curious:

So we'll call this one a win for AOC.

And of course, that means this is yet another loss for conservative men. Poor things. In all this business they've also been too distracted by AOC to even be triggered by Megan Rapinoe looking like a badass and carrying an "In Gay We Trust" clutch at the party Megan Rapinoe also got to go to and they didn't.

Oh well.

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