Aqua Buddha Lady Says Rand Paul Kidnapping Wasn't Really a Kidnapping

Aqua Buddha Lady Says Rand Paul Kidnapping Wasn't Really a Kidnapping

Rand Paul wasonce a cool guy named Randy who did pranks in college, we learned on Monday, and also he allegedly kidnapped some lady and made her get high and worship "Aqua Buddha." Now she has clarified her remarks, and it turns out this was just some sort of 70's role-playing thing. "[They] came over to my house as friends that I knew," she said, reportedly. "They immediately said, 'We're going to tie you up and go for a ride.'" Oh, that sounds like a fun thing friends do when they hang out! This is totally innocuous! So why isn't she releasing her name? She's afraid of what Teabaggers will do to her. Seriously.

In our conversation, she elaborated that she doesn't want her name in print because she's a clinical psychologist who works with former members of the military, some of whom are Tea Partyers, and fears that complicating Paul's Senate run could put her in danger.

This is strange. Teabaggers have psychological problems? You learn something new every day. According to this professional psychologist they do, and apparently they will lash out in worse ways than kidnappings and forced drug-smoking.

So why hasn't Obama met with Teabaggers to hear their grievances? They seem like a cordial group.

This lady also said she stopped being friends with Randy Paul because this experience was "weird." Kidnapping/role-playing always shows you who your REAL friends are. [Plum Line]


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