We just ... I ... what? WHY?

If this report from the Christian Post is in any way true, the TLC network is a buncha rancid whores:

After seeing the success of ["Jill and Jessa: Counting On"], it was announced that TLC will be bringing back "19 Kids and Counting" to the small screen. Reports show that a camera crew was recently seen with the Duggar family. They were seen in several locations such as a lumberyard and a thrift store.

WHOA IF TRUE. And it's possible that it's not according to our friend The Friendly Atheist, who says The Christian Post is full of shit, citing how the Jesus "news" publication seems to be the original source for this report, with nary a peep from the network or the Duggars, or anybody else for that matter.

[contextly_sidebar id="AkKeGDbHRXIoV9jIDJGXab1YGH3Ry6R3"]We thought we had covered this, but in case anyone needs reminding:

We think MAYBE when a clown car vagina family traipses around the nation under the guise of "family values" AKA hating gays and transgenders and women, but then it's revealed that their oldest son is the Hair Club President And Also A Client of fingering his sisters, that maybe an admittedly money-hungry shitshow of a network like TLC might decide that, you know, that's gross.

[contextly_sidebar id="5xIGhm0XMznF7eosDo2ubMkxJQHHcRfs"]We think MAYBE after the network got burned by all the molesty-molesty on the Honey Boo Boo television programme, they might not want to go down this road again, especially since TLC already canceled the fucking show once.

[contextly_sidebar id="MK3EJ6QIRaxxQNSlp7JuXGK58OaPalTj"]WE THINK MAYBE since it wasn't just the sinny sins of a wayward boy (despite what that toad suck Mike Huckabee thinks), but also that the parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Snot Swallow, Arkansas, sure do seem to have done everything they could to sweep their son's incestuous jizz hands under the rug, instead of protecting their own children ...

[contextly_sidebar id="9hUYbXCrgn6VG7rgspQiqS9nqYo5F9mx"]WE THINK MAYBE!!!! since it was later revealed that oh, haha and LOL, that oldest boy Sin-Penis McGillicuddy Duggar done sticked his holy manhood unto a porn star while he was married, and had to go to Christian sex rehab to learn how not to be such a fucking pervert, which probably didn't work, because Duggar-approved Christian penis rehabs are bullshit, since they teach, among other things, that girls who are molested are basically bitches who be askin' for it ...

WE THINK MAYBE!!!!!eleventy11!!!11!1 

[contextly_sidebar id="J3lo8jBgtK0kwTjfFY8AoYDYhLpnpCSy"]The point is we shouldn't be talking about this at all, and we HOPE the Christian Post's report is full of grade-A shit.

But we wouldn't be 100% surprised. The TLC network did, after all, create the spin-off program about how Jill and Jessa Duggar and their young meth steed husbands were barebacking their way to Glory singing the "Battle Hymn Of The Republic." And sure, it was popular, because a) the family's actual fans are fundamentalist Christian todger-lickers who can't be trusted to make good teevee viewing choices and b) lots of the viewers were just gawkers, waiting to watch the next Duggar trainwreck.

This would be great news, for Wonkette's web traffic, but not for anyone else, and certainly not the children of that family. God fucking knows what other skeletons are hiding inside the closets, prayer journals and XXX sidehugging videos of the various Duggar jizz dungeons households. Guess we'll find out! (WE THINK MAYBE.)

[Christian Post / The Friendly Atheist via JoeMyGod]

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