Are You Reading Political Wire? No? What's Wrong With You? Are You A Loser? (A Sponsored Post)

A rare peek inside the Sekrit ChatCave

People sometimes wonder how Yr Wonkette stays on top of the news so good. They ask us all the time, "Hey! Wonkette! How do you stay on top of the news so good?" There's no real secret to it: Yr Wonkette reads Political Wire to keep track of all the latest lies and corruption from the new Trump administration. It’s like Wonkette, but with fewer dick jokes.

Well, there actually aren’t any dick jokes. Those are pretty much our thing. But Political Wire really does know politics, and it comes in an easy-to access package, just waiting for all the dick jokes you might want to add. Plus, it is real news, not the fake kind that so many news consumers are disappointed by these days. It is run by Taegan Goddard, a friend of Wonkette from way back and a stand-up guy, although he does not do standup.

If you join as a member, you’ll also get exclusive analysis of the latest lies and corruption plus bonus eBooks and no advertising. They even have a trending news page for members, updated every 15 minutes with the very latest lies and corruption. You might even beat Wonkette to the dick jokes with a tool this powerful. Or at least get a head start on your day drinking.

Right now, Political Wire is even running a special offer just for Wonkette readers: Join Political Wire as an annual member and get $5 off your subscription. Just use coupon code “Wonkette” when signing up!

Or you could wait until the lamestream media gets to the story, by which time all the dick jokes will be stale. You don't want stale dick jokes, do you? Of course you do not.


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