Arianna Huffington Nearly Blows Up Plane With Rude BlackBerry Use

  • After a long night of partying in Las Vegas with the CEO of Twitter (what?), Arianna Huffington boarded a plane to New York and then immediately began to play Angry Birds on her BlackBerry, which is not only rude but also against the law. (Arianna eventually turned off her dumb phone when asked nicely by flight attendants.) Anyway, somehow she got into a huge fight with another passenger, because of cellular phones. And then Arianna had to speak with the cops after her plane landed at LaGuardia. This is a statement released by "a spokesman" (unpaid journalist) who interns for free at Arianna Huffington's content farm: "There was a passenger who seemed upset. Arianna thought he didn’t like the snacks. Guess not. Maybe he was an iPhone fan. As you know, the battle between iPhone lovers and BlackBerry users can get pretty heated." Is this an actual statement released by an actual Huffington Post spokesman? Or is it today's horoscope, on Huffington Post College? [Fox News]

  • Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Yemen, which is a country somewhere that we are secretly bombing for no reason at all. We're ruining the world, whoops! [NYT]

  • Another snowstorm will completely decimate the Northeast, according to the people with the Doppler machines. Even our nation's swamp capital might get snowed upon. [Fox News]


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