Arizona Monsoon Rains Did A Number On Trump's Very Beautiful WALL, Sad!
Photo: US Customs and Border Protection, enhancements By Kid Zoom, Aged 22

Sections of Donald Trump's Big Beautiful anti-immigration WALL were wrecked last week in eastern Arizona, near the remote San Bernardino National Wildlife refuge, when flooding from heavy rains ripped great big metal flood gates right off their hinges.

A photo of the flood damage to the eyesore, taken by Fernando Sobrazo of the environmental group Cuenca Los Ojos, show damage to at least five of the metal panels, with mud and brush and other debris piled up. The photo, posted to Twitter by Kate Scott of the Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center, has gone viral because look at this beautiful wall keeping America safe from not much of anything.

Tucson's NBC affiliate, KVOA TV, reports:

A spokesman for the Border Patrol's Tucson sector confirmed the gates were open last week when waters from the historic rainfall rushed through the Douglas area near the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge in Cochise County.

He said a Border Patrol team is assessing flood damage all along the wall. There are flood gates along the border wall to prevent boulders, branches and other debris from building up during heavy rainfall.

This is all pretty much what critics of Trump's WALL had been saying would happen when you build a big flat structure across hundreds of miles of desert, where the rainy season regularly causes big flash floods.

Earlier this summer, in fact, the Center for Biological Diversity released video showing wide-open gates in a different section of WALL; we can't embed the video, but here's a screenshot.

Laiken Jordahl of CBD (excellent abbreviation) said the unattended gates, with no Border Patrol agents or terrifying caravans of migrants anywhere near, illustrated that the wall is a political stunt more than anything.

Almost every mile of the border wall there are open gates. [...] If the point of the wall is to keep people out with all these doors open it's not going to do that.

But at least it threatened some endangered species, so wasn't it all worth it?

Jordahl told Border Report after the flooding,

For years, we have been warning and predicting that exactly this would happen and while this was a significant rainfall, it wasn't atypical. We always have heavy rains in the monsoon season. [...]This was a highly predictable occurrence. The construction of this wall was so ill-advised and ill-conceived and rushed and inflicted a huge amount of damage for a wall that washed away in its first summer.

The water level in the creek reached 22 feet — just eight feet below the top of Trump's big mean 30-foot WALL, and well above the level of the flood gates. Why, it's almost as if they didn't really do a damn thing to protect the US or to allow storm water to flow through safely.

Ever since the federal government got the bright idea to put up fencing between the US and Mexico, nature has insisted on proving what a silly idea that is. Here's some video of another section of wall falling to flash floods in 2014 near Nogales, about an hour's drive south of Tucson:

In conclusion, when Trump said WALL would be "virtually impenetrable," he was every bit as accurate as anything else he ever said, the end.

[Border Report / KVOA / Tucson Sentinel / KVOA]

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