Arizona Muslim-Hater Needs $10 Million To Save His Family, Mean GoFundMe Won't Let Him Have It

Great American Patriot Jon Ritzheimer has had a wonderful and terrible week. He's the nice fellow with the "Fuck Islam!" t-shirt who organized that big "Free Speech (and Hate Islam) Rally" at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix last Friday, where armed idiots showed up to exercise their sacred right to be dicks, and to prove that Islam is very scary. Happily, the rally came off without anyone getting shot, thanks to a huge police presence. Oh, but Mr. Ritzheimer is now in fear for his life, because some idiots on Twitter threatened him, and now he needs to go into hiding to save his family, so would you all please donate to his GoFundMe? He figures $10 million should be enough to tide him over.

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Now, let's be very clear: death threats are not cool, and neither is publishing someone's address on Twitter and encouraging people to go pay an unfriendly visit. Before the rally, several threatening messages against Ritzheimer and anyone attending the rally were posted to Twitter, and the accounts were suspended. They had the usual overheated rhetoric of radical Islamic threats, promising that blood would flow and that heads would be lopped off, that sort of thing. As we've noted before, death threats on Twitter are pretty much just another form of punctuation, so it's difficult to say whether those were actual threats. As further evidence, in an interview with Phoenix station KSAZ during the rally, Ritzheimer claimed that Muslims were doing tyranny to him (the audio is terrible; skip to about 1:40)

After complimenting the Phoenix police for the fine job they were doing keeping order, Ritzheimer said that the First Amendment was under attack, and that "This is tyranny, right here. This is tyranny at its finest" -- pointing to the mosque or the counter-demonstrators, we're not sure. Asked what exactly the tyranny was, he explained:

I’m having to sell my house, my family’s been threatened, so they’re in hiding right now. I’m having to go into hiding after this because they’re calling for lone wolves to come and behead me. That's all in their book as it's written, and that's tyranny. That's terrorism, right here in America.

Now, are those real threats? Thanks to the Supreme Court, there's just no telling! Oh, you're not a woman being threatened by her ex? Then yeah, they're probably real threats.

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But Jon Ritzheimer, proud Marine vet and enemy of Islam, knew exactly what he needed to do: Ask for money. Sadly, GoFundMe has already deleted his appeal, but Talking Points Memo grabbed a screenshot of Ritzheimer's Sunday announcement (also deleted now) of the campaign:

Phoenix TV reporter Brahm Resnik linked to the now-dead campaign, and noted that Ritzheimer wanted $10 million, although he wasn't quite sure what the best use of it would be:

That's the spirit! Either build a bunker, go into hiding for your own safety, or defeat John McCain -- they're all worthy goals, and you may as well make sure you have enough scratch to be flexible. Might be able to get some more patriotic tattoos as well. Mediaite notes that in the first six hours of the campaign, Ritzheimer had raised only $300, which is not exactly an anti-gay-pizzeria level of performance.

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And then by Monday night, the campaign was gone, baby, gone, undoubtedly because GoFundMe has been blinded by the lies of taqiyya, just like Yr Dok Zoom. Ritzheimer posted a Facebook message (also gone now) saying that he was sure his campaign was OK under GoFundMe's terms of service, but as of yet, the campaign is still no longer active -- there's a dead link for you.

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But is Jon Ritzheimer down? Is Jon Ritzheimer's campaign for freedom of speech, a Sharia-free America, and ten million smackeroos over? Don't be silly! Was it over when Washington lost at Waterloo? Was it over when the Japanese bombed Benghazi? Hell no! Jon Ritzheimer's just getting started, as this Facebook post from Saturday proves: He's not hiding after all, he's going to "keep his protection close and near" -- both of those! He's headed for his fighting hole, man! He'd also like to tell you all about these cool new PEACEFUL ideas that he'd like to act on:

Or maybe not. His most recent Facebook update, now that he's been cheated out of his $10 million, is a bit more downbeat:

I've had enough media BS for the day. Hackers have now stolen my identity. Not one news out let will interview me. I just want my life back. I just want me and my family to disappear.

Hang in there, Mr. Ritzheimer. We're sure you'll find a way to get some media attention again, somehow, despite your fears of all the murderous Islams out there. You seem pretty adept at bringing attention to yourself, and we believe in you.

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