Arizona GOP Official Pretty Sure Vaccines Turning People Into Potted Plants


As more and more Americans and people worldwide get COVID vaccines with little to no problems or side-effects, the anti-vaxx crowd has had to get a little more creative. For the last couple weeks it's been "shedding." They claim vaccinated people are actually putting them at risk by "shedding." They put up little signs outside their places of business saying that no one with vaccines can enter because of "shedding," and that just being around people who were vaccinated could "sterilize" people and make them unable to have children.

Here's an example of the genre:

While viral shedding, which is "a process of the body releasing viral particles from a vaccine and hypothetically creating a risk of infection to others" is a thing that can happen with vaccines (although not to a point where it would seriously harm anyone), it's not a thing that can happen with this one, because it's not made from live virus.

Also it was pretty obvious they desperately wanted to do an "Oh how the tables have turned!" thing. Unfortunately for them, approximately 87,000 articles came out last week debunking their "theories." But that doesn't mean the nonsense has stopped.

In a recent interview with the Arizona Republic, Jim O'Connor, a recently elected member of Arizona's Corporation Commission, whose job it is to oversee power and water companies, shared a pipe dream he had about the vaccines turning people into potted plants.

"I'm also aware through other information that many people who have taken the shot, many thousands of people here in the U.S., are deceased. And the deceased part is the good news. And please don't take that out of context. But the alternative to being deceased after the shot, there are something like 40,000 plus recorded cases of people that are now potted plants. They are human vegetables. They've lost their ability to function," he said.

Nope! There are no recorded cases of that whatsoever. That did not happen, not in the United States, not anywhere else. I have gotten half the vaccine and I can personally testify to you that my legs have not, as of yet, been replaced by a clay pot. They are still human legs. I am also not green or any other unnatural color.

Obviously, what he really means is they are braindead, but that is not happening either. The only "source" O'Connor provided was Idaho doctor Ryan Cole, who has made a name for himself going around saying a bunch of ridiculous things about the vaccine.

He's made the following claims:

- Although there is no evidence to support this, Cole suggested that some of the COVID-19 vaccines could cause cancer or autoimmune diseases.

- Again, without evidence, Cole suggested that the federal government withheld a treatment for COVID-19 in order to "vend" a vaccine. Studies haven't proved that ivermectin is effective in treating COVID-19, but Cole claimed that federal agencies "have suppressed this life-saving medication."

- Cole said public health officials should encourage people to take vitamin D supplements rather than wear masks or stay physically distant from others.

We couldn't find anything about people ending up in vegetative states. You think that'd be kind of a big deal, hospital-wise, as there were only 15,405 cases of brain death in 2016 in the whole United States, and that was supposed to have been an uptick. If there were 40,000 cases in a number of months, that would surely be noticed by someone other than a random Arizona GOP official. You'd think we would also notice "many thousands" of vaccinated people dying, if that were actually happening.

The most likely source of O'Connor's misunderstanding is a previously debunked meme that was popular on Facebook, which stated that "COV-19 Vax clinical trials have caused brain damage, paralysis, & many illnesses in previously healthy volunteers." Where he got those numbers from, well, we can't find a source for that other than his own ass.

[Arizona Republic]

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