Arizona Wingnuts Simply Do Not Care For John McCain's Sex Affair With All The Mexicans


Oh John McCain, who you pissing off now? Fresh off hisfailed attempt to either make the Muslim Brotherhood gay marry Egypt or else get the fuck bombed out of them, the failed presidential candidate, naval pilot, and possible Hillary '16 supporter, Senator John McCain, has decided to shut up for a second about those foreign browns to re-focus on some closer to home. And now he is failing big time with bigots in Arizona, by holding another one of his closed town hall meetings today with the aptly surnamed other Republican Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake. The two apparently wanted to have a "Conversation on Immigration" without being screamed at by tea-baggers about illegal immigrants who are "illiterate invaders who want free government benefits" and instead said they'd let them watch it on their computers and maybe answer their tweets if they feel like it. (They will not feel like it.)

And this guy from Stand with Arizona isn't having any of that shit, he's got a call to action right up McCain's ass:

But all is not lost. There is a there is a great protest planned for outside the arena – by RidersUSA. Bring your anti-amnesty signs and circle the Theater with protesters to send a clear and loud message of opposition to amnesty. TURN OUT IN FORCE!

And when the media asks you, tell them how McCain and Flake abandoned the border security of their own state for instant legalization of tens of millions of illegals. Hammer them for refusing to stand with Sheriff Joe, who has been relentlessly attacked by the Feds simply for enforcing existing laws. Talk about the thousands of Americans raped, murdered and victimized by “Dreamer” illegals – including the many children and elderly brutalized by illegals in the past month alone.

Damn y'all, those dreamer kids who want to go to college even though they have Mexican parents sure are busy. When we were in college, and not even going to class, we never had time to properly rape or murder any old people or babies at all.

And yeah, why has John McCain gotta be all fucking with Sheriff Joe Arpaio? That guy just wants to put about 30 rounds into whoever walks around in the desert in case they might be a drug smuggler, do some necessary racial profiling, retaliate against people who talk shit about him, and not investigate sex crimes. Don't be such bitches.

We are sorry John McCain, but you never did finish the dang fence, now did you? So now you get to have all the sign-waving, screaming tea-baggers that will show up to do that in your face, and we do not care, because you encouraged these people when you thought it would help you beat the black guy, and we are still mad at you for making Sarah Palin a thing.



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