As Wingers Howl About Black Lady SCOTUS Nom, Pat McCrory Wonders How A White Dude Can Get A Fair Shake

Former North Carolina governor and current US Senate candidate Pat McCrory has thoughts about discrimination — specifically who is the real victim of discrimination today. Unsurprisingly, McCrory insists that conservatives in general, and he in particular, are suffering the most. First, he was discriminated against by his own constituents, who booted him out of office in 2016. And then he was discriminated against by Duke University, which didn't want hire him to come teach at its Sanford School of Public Policy. Has any man ever been so cruelly martyred?

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck uncovered audio of McCrory whining about his victimhood last year on his talk radio show.

"The head of the policy school called me up and said, 'Governor, we've got some problems. We've got some alumni and big donors that don't want you to come back to Duke to be a part of this public policy school,'" said McCrory in January 2021, referring to a job at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy.

"You know what I said to him, I said, 'If I come back to the, if I come back to the campus, will you serve me at the lunch counter?' And I meant it."

"Speaking about the ultimate blacklisting was the African American students from North Carolina A&T University who wanted to eat at the counter at Woolworths, the lunch counter. And they refused them. They were blacklisted because of the color of their skin," added McCrory. "Other people are now being blacklisted because of our politics. And it's both wrong. It's both deplorable. And we've got to speak out against it."

Because not getting a job at one of the nation's most prestigious universities is exactly like being refused service in a restaurant because of the color of your skin.

"I was blacklisted by Duke University, I was — every former governor of North Carolina was invited to work in the Public Policy School of Duke University, the Terry Sanford Public Policy School — former governor," he said on the same program. "And so I went and talked to them and they said, 'We'd love to have you help us out.' And it wasn't for money or anything. And within an hour of believing there were protests and signatures by both students and faculty signed up saying, 'We don't want Pat McCrory back on the Duke University campus anymore.'"

Lest we forget, the reason McCrory faced persistent protest everywhere he went, not just at Duke, was his anti-trans bathroom bill that provoked massive blowback, with everyone from the NBA to the state of California promising to avoid the Tar Heel State. Fortune estimates that the bill cost North Carolina $3.76 billion, not to mention galvanizing public opinion in favor of LGBTQ+ equality by making the Right look like a pack of assholes.

So it's more than a little ironic that McCrory is mad that people are "discriminating" against him for his own discrimination against truly marginalized people. And it's similarly ironic that this story is coming out today, when an as-yet unnamed Black female Supreme Court nominee is already being derided as unqualified for the job.

Pat McCrory, a white guy with a bachelor's degree from Catawba College, is convinced that he is entitled to teach graduate students at one of the nation's premier universities. Meanwhile, the Right is losing its damn mind over the prospect of of a Black woman sitting on nation's highest court.

And it isn't just sniveling little shit-stirrers like Ben Shapiro, who tweets that Democrats "wouldn't care whether Biden nominated an HLS grad who clerked for Breyer or Cardi B, so long as that person voted reliably Left."

Ilya Shapiro, newly of Georgetown University, tweeted that Biden should pick US Circuit Court Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan "who is solid prog & v smart. Even has identity politics benefit of being first Asian (Indian) American. But alas doesn't fit into latest intersectionality hierarchy so we'll get lesser black woman. Thank heaven for small favors?"

Shapiro deleted that tweet, but left up the one bragging about opting his kids out of masking at school. Because of course he did.

Here on Planet Earth, Judges Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger, and J. Michelle Childs, the presumed frontrunners, are all dismissed as "lesser" Black women, despite having more judicial experience than Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Moreover, they have equally or more "prestigious" degrees, if we're going to accept the premise that only people who went to a tiny subset of schools are qualified to sit on the nation's highest court.

And it's a safe bet none of them has been credibly accused of rape, or even of being a disgusting pig in college.

Republicans are about to show their whole asses here, no matter whom Biden nominates. But it is more than a little jarring to see the juxtaposition of an obnoxious white dude who insists that just being himself is qualification enough, while Black women who worked their whole lives to achieve professional success are categorically denigrated as "lesser" than any male nominee.

Hooboy, if you're not mad, you're not paying attention.


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