At Long Last, Sarah Palin Tweets About Cake Ink

Sure, that Vanity Fair piece out today was sort of poorly sourced (although still fun!), but isn't that allegation that Sarah Palin maybe doesn't do her own tweets kinda damning? So how does "Sarah" address this? "Media goofballs." "Cake ink." The end.

But we have to agree with Palin on the latter part. Why does the media just assume Bristol is a professional-quality opera singer? They've never even trudged up to Alaska and asked her to sing, on the spot, that "Ardon gli incensi" aria from Lucia di Lammermoor. Because if they did, they would know she has problems in the upper register. Goofballs!

By the way, Vegas puts Bristol at the lowest odds, 35-1, to win Dancing With The Cynical ABC Reality Show Idea. That's worse than Margaret Cho. [Twitter]


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