Aussie Prime Minister Broad Natters On And On, Won't Shut Trap About 'Sexism'


Above, via LittleGreenFootballs, is a quite enjoyable 15 minutes of Australian Prime Minister Tilda Swinton smearing her menses all over the leader of the opposition, Richard from Downton Abbey, for being a total sexist lorry. It is because some other dude, this "Slipper" fellow (who serves with Tilda in the Labor Party, which is center-left) sent some nasty sext messages to this other dude, Ashby, and Ashby has charged him with sexual harrassment, and Richard from Downton Abbey (who is in the Liberal Party, which is like the conservatives there?) decided to lecture Tilda Swinton about misogyny. (But not about not sexually harrassing gay guys?) Do you think Tilda Swinton cared for being lectured by Richard from Downton Abbey after all he did to Lady Mary? SHE DID NOT! So you can watch that, it is fun how she reduces all the male members to big moaning babies because she is all like "hey, sexism exists."

But more importantly, WHAT DID THE OFFENSIVE TEXTS SAY???

From (that means "Australia"!):

  • "Brough is a c..t,'' Mr Slipper said in a text on October 10 last year. Soon after, he said: ''Funny how we say that a person is a c..t when many guys like c..ts.''
  • 'They look like mussell (sic) removed from its shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat. Salty C..ts in brine.''
  • "Been to thw (sic) fish shop yet to buy the bottle of shell less Mussells (sic)?''
  • On October 12 Mr Slipper referred to Liberal front bencher Sophie Mirabella, who had criticised him. "Yes i agree she did push it too far. But did she do it because you're mates or she's just an ignorant botch (sic)?'' he said in a text.
  • On October 14, Mr Slipper questioned the relationship between Mr Ashby and "Bill". "Is he a special friend or just business?" he asked Mr Ashby about the man. Then, on October 16, Mr Slipper enquired whether Mr Ashby, after a night out, was not just tired but "shagged". Mr Ashby took that as a reference to sexual relations.
  • There was another Bill reference on October 16 when Mr Slipper said: "Sounds to me that you may have broken the drought." And on October 28, "Did you lose your maidenhood", followed by a reference to Mr Ashby's "virtual hymen".
  • Attention went back to Mr Brough, whom on December 3 Mr Slipper called "that little f..ker on the Bolt Report."
  • Late in December, Mr Slipper playfully reprimanded Mr Ashby by saying: "I'm going to smack u. Arhhhhhhhh." Mr Ashby replied, "Ah I might like it. Tho I'm not into pain."
  • On January 18, after Mr Slipper had not heard from his adviser for a while, Mr Ashby joked he had quit. "Y r a cccc....tttttt :)," Mr Slipper replied. "Cccccccc.....t."

("Cunt." The word is "cunt.")

TO THE SMELLING SALTS! Someone said a vagina looked slimy! But that he liked them anyway! Also, Ashby, dude, sack the fuck up. We've seen better sexual harrassment cases on your mom, last night.

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