Ayanna Pressley Endorses Ever-Living F*** Out Of Elizabeth Warren's Plans

Democratic superstar Ayanna Pressley has ended the suspense and officially endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for president. I also officially endorse a presidential ticket with two candidates from Massachusetts.

PRESSLEY: Elizabeth has made it her life's work to pursue justice for working families and put economic and political power in the hands of people. We find ourselves in a fight for the soul of our nation, and I know Elizabeth can win it.

People guessed this might be coming when Pressley didn't endorse Bernie Sanders along with fellow "Squad" members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.

FRIENDSHIP! It means you still love each other even if you have different votes in the primary! (That includes in the comments, let's not chase people away, hey?) Not in the general though, let's get it correct.

Pressley is the first black woman from Massachusetts elected to Congress. She was the first woman of color to serve on the Boston City Council. So, obviously, some folks on Twitter felt it necessary to ask Pressley if she knew Warren stole all her ideas from Kamala Harris or that Warren was once a Republican and used to eat black babies at Federalist Society potlucks. C'mon, guys, why are we doing this? It's silly.

Warren, Sanders, and Joe Biden all reportedly sought Pressley's endorsement but our girl was won over by Warren's plan-making kung fu. Warren's opponents have taken to mocking her plans, which is admittedly easier than coming up with different ones. (No, sorry, but doing nothing is not a plan!) But as Pressley points out, Warren's "plans are about power: who has it, who refuses to let it go and who deserves more of it."

Pressley believes "big structural change" can't wait until Republicans decide to play nice or stop nominating corrupt racist demagogues. We agree. Oh, and y'all remember when Pressley read Trump his ass on the House floor before they'd even finished painting her office? We've included it below for your viewing pleasure.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley pushes back against President Trumpyoutu.be

[The New York Times]

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