Rep. Ayanna Pressley filed a resolution Tuesday to open an impeachment inquiry into Justice Brett Kavanaugh. A survivor of sexual assault herself, Pressley doesn't believe an alleged attempted rapist belongs on the Supreme Court. There are only nine justices. It's not too much to ask that none of them have any credible rape accusations against them.

PRESSLEY: Sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the nation's highest court and Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process set a dangerous precedent. We must demand justice for survivors and hold Kavanaugh accountable for his actions.

Elizabeth Warren approves of this plan, but not every Democrat is on board. Jerry Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, claims they're too busy never actually impeaching Donald Trump to waste time never actually impeaching Kavanaugh. Republicans would've made this a big talking point with a President Clinton: "OMG, there's just so much crime and corruption! But we'll rack up the overtime ... for America."

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin says we need to "get real" and stop thinking "impeachment is the answer to every problem." That's annoyingly condescending. Impeachment is literally the constitutional remedy to a lawless president and a gross Supreme Court justice. We're not asking him to impeach climate change. If Putin permits us, we can remove Trump at the ballot box next year. But Kavanaugh is on the court for the rest of his natural boofing life.

Rep. Pressley Introduces Resolution to Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

We like Pressley. She's the type of Democrat who believes when you get knocked on your ass, you should get back up and fight. Too many other Democrats prefer to just hang out on the mat until they finish counting to ten. Their whole strategy is to avoid getting hurt any more. They're afraid of pissing off the suburban and independent voters who are apparently pro-boofing. This is what actual Democratic strategist Patrick Dorton said, probably while hiding under his bed:

DORTON: Democrats get credit with Americans for being the thoughtful party and calling for impeachment diminishes that advantage.

Moderates want this to be true so badly. It's like they refuse to open their eyes and see the political realities of the past decade. They're just holding themselves and whispering, "I'm in a field. I'm a centrist. I'm middle-of-the-road. I have no big ambitions. Voters respect me."

Democrats don't get "credit" with voters for being "thoughtful." We're only offered political layaway -- after a few more years of regularly scheduled centrism payments, we might get a now-outdated presidency and Senate. Meanwhile, Donald Trump promised to build a monorail on the southern border and now he's president.

Republicans thoughtlessly shut down the government in 2013 in a failed attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act. This was raw meat for their base with real world consequences. The more "thoughtful" Democrats gained no advantage at polls. We lost the Senate the following year, and Mitch McConnell began his reign of terror. If Republicans can sell a shutdown, Democrats could at least try to sell the impeachment of a historically unpopular Supreme Court justice. Just for a change, maybe Democrats could sell the rest of America on what we want rather than telling us why we can't have it. "Please don't hurt me" is not much of a rallying cry.

Good political advice

DORTON: If you object to Kavanaugh, the best way to change the Supreme Court is to win the presidential election, not an impeachment that likely won't be successful.

Winning the presidential election won't remove Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court. Winning the Senate won't either. We could run the tables and safely replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a young ACLU firebrand, but that woman would still have to sit on the same court as a fucking (alleged) rapist. That's not a victory.

"Safe" is for Top 40 radio and CBS prime time. It's not what we want from our politics. We want a party that'll pursue certain goals "not because they are easy but because they are hard." Impeaching Kavanaugh wouldn't be easy. Like the GOP shutdown, it probably wouldn't achieve our immediate goal. But it would hurt him. Is that petty? Damn right. It's good to be petty. We saw Kavanaugh lie and shout at Congress like a drunk at last call. We saw him try to make victims villains. An actual, non-sham investigation would show the world what Kavanaugh truly is. Sunlight is as healthy for him as it is for Dracula. He might have that Supreme Court seat for life but he's not entitled to the professional respect and reputation that Ginsburg enjoys.

Republicans will try to guilt Democrats for playing hard ball. Ignore them. Professional terrible person Laura Ingraham even pretended she was capable of feeling genuine sympathy for another human being.


Republicans didn't care about Chelsea Clinton when they impeached Bill Clinton over a blow job. They didn't care about Chelsea Clinton's own children when they wanted to "lock up" their grandmother for "reckless" email server maintenance. Why should we give a fuck about Kavanaugh's kids? We don't care if they're so depressed after learning he's a scumbag that they start dating black guys.

This is a dog fight not a tea party. It's time to start acting like it, because we're done with "Please don't hurt me."

[Boston Herald]

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