Ayn Rand Sucks

Would you like to read a long and enjoyable essay on why Ayn Rand was probably the most evil troll of the post-Hitler era? (Now we don't have to compare her to Hitler!)Here's the piece, on The Awl. You will enjoy it, we bet! Also, it gives us an excuse to post this video that's been floating around the last couple of days. Watch Ayn Rand explain why most of the useless-eater population needs to die! It adds a lot of weird despair and pathos hathos (sorry spellcheck doesn't know this fake word!) to our beloved artist Benjamin Frisch's online comic about Ayn visiting the 21st Century (in a time machine built by Greenspan, for some reason), the way she's so disgusted by the middle-class slovenly teabaggers who worship her god-hating name for some reason. It is always good to mention again that Ayn Rand hated the very idea of Jesus. Hated, hated, hated. Not that she believed there was any such person, but the whole idea just repulsed her.

Do we smell marijuana somewhere, by the way? There is definitely the smell of marijuana here. But where is here, ultimately?

God, why did anyone pay attention to her? Oh right, most people didn't! Sadly, a lot of nerdy white guys in college felt cool because Ayn hated religion, so maybe that would impress the hippie girls? Go get her, Hitchens:


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