AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs Laughs During Swearing-In. That's An Impeachin'!

AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs Laughs During Swearing-In. That's An Impeachin'!

Katie Hobbs was officially sworn in Monday, January 2, as Arizona governor. She's the first Democratic governor since Janet Napolitano, and perhaps most importantly she's not Kari Lake, an anti-democratic, election-denying, drag-queen-dragging MAGA loon.

Lake refused to concede the election she lost, much like her macho man Donald Trump, but her nuisance suits ultimately failed. On New Year's Day, Hobbs shared a photo of a bright rainbow over the Arizona sky, a symbolic end to the relentless storm a Lake administration would've unleashed on the state. Maybe we can put Lake's craziness behind us and move on. Yes, I'm obviously setting up something here.

Republican populist Lou Marinelli, known to people with excessive free time as leader of a California secessionist movement, pulled back the curtain on Hobbs's rainbow connection of LIES. He tweeted, "This image is as fake as you. Look at the left side of the rainbow. You can see where it touches the ground and there are mountains behind it, but rainbows don't actually touch the ground. Quite fitting, though, because rainbows are an optical illusion, just like your victory."


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So, despite Hobbs's very generous offer to, as governor, "work toward finding common ground and embracing the challenges that stand before us as opportunities to create real progress," rightwingers are going to spend the next four years shouting "rigged election!" and "Let's go, Brandon!" (The latter makes so little sense directed at Joe Biden, they might as well use it for all Democrats.)

During her swearing-in ceremony, Hobbs might've expressed joy in what her political enemies apparently consider a direct attack against them. Brian Anderson, who was once the press secretary for outgoing Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, tweeted a 12-second clip of Hobbs's profane levity. Anderson wrote, "Democrat @KatieHobbs was unable to take the oath of office this morning without stammering and laughing through it." She presumably recovered because she's now governor and everything. "She also banned reporters from attending." Anderson then dropped a link to his 2003-era blog Stop Katie Hobbs, where he quotes Stacey Barchenger, a reporter at the Arizona Republic, who said that the newspaper “asked repeatedly to be allowed in, but the Hobbs admin is allowing only a single photographer from [the Associated Press].” A pity we didn't have a squad of journalists covering all that laughter.

Fox News correspondent and plagiarist from the stars Monica Crowley responded to Anderson's tweet, "This is the behavior of a mentally unstable person who knows she's illegitimate." That's certainly a valid interpretation if you're a terrible person utterly devoid of compassion and empathy, but the rest of us might just assume Hobbs was briefly overcome with emotion on her big day. After all, she had to spend almost two months since the election fending off Lake's absurd legal challenges and slanderous attacks on her reputation.

Just let the woman laugh! But they can't do that. They even tried to dim her rainbow. That's the behavior that strikes me as the most "mentally unstable."

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