AZ GOP Senate Pres. Karen Fann: Idiot, Liar, Or All Of Them, Katie?

You may think you've met Arizona's Republican Senate President Karen Fann, but have you really met her? Have you heard her voice? Have you seen that dumb look on her face?

Sure, you've read the amazing letter the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (80 percent Republican) sent Fann responding to her batshit accusations against them, related to the shitshow fraudit Fann and the other Arizona GOP legislators have unleashed on the state. You might remember her trying to deflect from her clownass frauditors literally hunting for bamboo on the ballots, by saying "there's almost a reverse conspiracy theory to demean this audit." As if it doesn't demean itself on a daily basis.

Meet her, and watch her use her mouth to form words, as she gets HUFFY MAD at a CNN reporter for daring to suggest that One America News Network, the "news" network whose primary fanbase is literally just the fucking stupidest people in the entire country, might not be very reliable. This would mean that allowing OAN, and only OAN, to livestream the fraudit is ipso facto tantamount to allowing no journalists to cover the fraudit.

KYUNG LAH (CORRESPONDENT): What the facts are, may be the disconnect. Fann defends the pro-Donald Trump media organization One American News network, or OAN, as being the only outlet given extensive access to the review.

KAREN FANN (ARIZONA STATE SENATE PRESIDENT): First of all, when we talk about transparency, from day one, the entire process has been live streaming. So, anybody —

LAH: On OAN, with cameras controlled by OAN.

FANN: Are you saying that OAN is not a credible news — news source? Are you saying that?

LAH: Yes.

FANN: OK. I'll remember that. CNN is saying that OAN is not a credible one.

LAH: Yes.

FANN: OK, very good.

It's funny because Karen Fann thinks she won that argument. Her tone of voice said it all. O RLY? U THINK OAN IS BAD AND U ARE CNN? HAW HAW HAW! We don't know what Fann did after this interview, but if you told us she ran off to tell her friends at the bleach-drinking club about the dumb CNN reporter who probably doesn't even think you can cure coronavirus by drinking bleach, we'd probably consider it credible enough not to double-check.

And yes, we are talking about the same OAN that just fired a guy for telling the New York Times that actually most of their employees don't buy into the bullshit election fraud paint-huffing they air on the network on a daily basis. The same OAN where employees get castigated for calling Joe Biden "President Biden." The same OAN that used to send Chanel Rion to the White House to ask Donald Trump questions like "Do you consider the term 'Chinese food' racist?" and "Is it alarming that major media players ... are consistently siding with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals and Latin gangs and cartels?"

The whole interview is batshit if you'd like to watch it. Fann says it's important to investigate conspiracy theories (like Trump's Big Lie, it's a conspiracy theory), so she can be the one to say, "THAT'S NOT TRUE, GUYS!" That is for sure what's going on here.

Fann asked Lah if she was "100 percent confident" that "no dead people voted" or that "ballots weren't filled out by other people" and some other conspiracy theories. Lah tried to tell her that the data shows, overwhelmingly, that this was the "most secure election in American history." Fann protested that Lah wasn't answering her question, but just telling her "what the data says."

She said this Arizona fraudit — conducted by the CYBER NINJAS! who have never audited an election but they're totally into QAnon! — will be the "basis of a gold standard" in election verification going forward. Yeeeeeeeeah.

Starting to think this woman is kind of a moron, maybe?

Or maybe perhaps she's just a liar, if what this Arizona reporter is saying is true:


[Media Matters]

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