Hi, Nancy!

Well, it's official! Nancy Pelosi threw her hat in the ring a couple weeks back, so that she might retain her position as Badass Bosslady Of House Democrats, and the votes have now been tallied, and ayup, she will continue to be Badass Bosslady Of House Democrats in the next Congress! She was challenged by Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, but he only got 63 votes, compared to Pelosi's 134, therefore she will be the queen to shepherd the Democrats through the valley of the shadow of death, just like we said two weeks ago.

Leader Pelosi made a tweet that said, "Honored to be elected by my colleagues to serve as Democratic Leader. Let's get to work." She also shared a nice video of herself being awesome:

When she says "get to work," she means it. Crooks and Liars points us to a recent interview with Pelosi done by Greg Sargent of the Washington Post (gah, how many times are we gonna link him today? AS MANY AS WE WANT!), where she compared the Democrats' 2017 fight to preserve Medicare under the Donald Trump/Paul Ryan regime to the Democrats' 2005 fight to preserve Social Security under Dubya, which, as you'll remember, was successful:

“At that time, we committed to each other that we would be unified and disciplined,” Pelosi said. “Bush had just been elected. He gave us an opportunity by saying he would partially privatize Social Security. Everybody stuck together. The opportunity that we have now is the equivalent of the opportunity we had in ’05.”

In that 2005 fight, Pelosi recalled, Democrats actively avoided developing an alternative plan to Bush’s. Instead, Democrats said their plan was to defend Social Security, a very popular government program. At the time, some Democratic strategists warned against uncompromising opposition. But the gamble paid off. Observers noted that Bush’s plan sank in popularity as Dems remained unified behind a refusal to budge in defense of Social Security, a move that was widely credited with helping to put Dems on track to winning back Congress in the 2006 elections.

What Pelosi is saying is that she's a-bettin' it just might work again. A lot of Republicans seem to forget every second of their godforsaken lives that things like Social Security and Medicare are, how shall we say this, REAL FUCKING POPULAR.

A few Democrats had challenged the idea of keeping Pelosi as leader, like the aforementioned Tim Ryan and also too Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who in a statement said she was “deeply disappointed" in the result, "as the House Democratic Caucus has decided to double down on its failed strategy of recent years.”  She continued, "This should be a time of critical reflection and clear-eyed change, not a time to rubber stamp the failed strategy of the past." Fair enough, to a point! Except that Pelosi has indicated that she very much wants Democrats to examine all the lessons of the 2016 campaign, and learn from them.

We'd also take issue with calling Pelosi a "failed strategy of the past," precisely because she is battle-hardened, knows how to keep a caucus together, and has personal experience fighting successfully against a unified Republican Congress, under a Republican president who wanted to gut Social Security.

So! To Nancy Pelosi, we say, keep being a badass, and also get all these young whippersnapper reps in your office as often as possible to pave a way forward. Oh, also we say CONGRATS, MADAM and SAVE US, NANCY!

In Pelosi's honor, here is a picture we took of her at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, back before the world ended:

And here's another one, where she's wearing her gay rainbow wristband thingie:

And finally, here's a picture of Pelosi fan-girl-ing on Justin Trudeau, because oh yeah:

Nancy Pelosi right now: "Giggle! Giggity! GGGGGgggggg!"

The end.

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