Badass Sen. Barbara Boxer Has Some Questions About Donald Trump's Illegal Immigrant Models

Sen. Boxer would like to see you in her office, Mr. Trump.

UH OH, there goes Mother Jones again, making friends and influencing people public policy! First MoJo did a huge investigation into private prisons, which directly or indirectly led the Justice Department to announce it was getting rid of the damned things. Then MoJo was like, oh hey, we found out some really weird things about Donald Trump's modeling agency, Trump Model Management, and how it SURE LOOKS LIKE the agency exploits foreign models, encourages them to flout U.S. immigration law, and also too bankrupts them in the process by charging most of their earnings back to the company store.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]We guess Sen. Barbara Boxer was reading her MoJo that day (or her Wonkette article about that MoJo investigation), because she has fired off a letter to the Department Of Homeland Security, asking PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS, WILL YA? Specifically it is addressed to León Rodríguez, director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), which is a division of Homeland. As you can see at the bottom, she also CC-ed it to Labor Secretary Tom Perez. We don't know who she BCC-ed it to, but we're going to guess all the blind copied people emailed her back like "LOLOLOLOLZZZZZ!"

Here's the letter, which we will transcribe in part in case you cannot embiggen things on your mother's Jitterbug phone:

Here is the transcript:

Dear my friends who work in government agencies interested in this sort of thing:




HAHA, THAT IS A JOKE WE JUST TOLD! Here is the real transcript:

I am writing regarding the disturbing allegations that Trump Model Management violated immigration laws by employing foreign models who lacked proper work authorization, as first reported by Mother Jones on August 30, 2016. [...]

Firsthand accounts by several former Trump models, coupled with a thorough review of financial and immigration records by Mother Jones, indicate widespread noncompliance with immigration and labor laws by Trump Model Management. Specifically, the article alleges that the company profited from using foreign models that came to the United States on tourist visas that did not permit them to work here. Further, it appears that Trump Model Management failed to obtain work visas on behalf of models they employed despite being aware of their immigration status.

Boxer concludes by asking that Homeland open an investigation into alla this, which is basically the same thing we said in our #silly version of the letter: FUCK HIM UP!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Of course, the New York Times and the rest of the media will probably forget to report on it too extensively, as long as Demon Hillary is out there criminally going to her husband's birthday party or coughing or doing the incorrect kinds of press briefings. Hell, the Times has just gotten around to looking at the all-too-cozy relationship between Trump and Florida A.G. Pam Bondi, a story Wonkette had IN MARCH.

So it's nice to see that SOME-FUCKING-BODY out there is paying attention to at least a piece of Donald Trump's sordid history, enough to maybe do something about it.

Kudos to Barbara Boxer for being that person, and to Mother Jones for doing the reporting it's doing. Goddammit, now we're going to have to send more edible arrangements and pies to all these people out there doing God's work in taking down Trump.

[Mother Jones]

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