Badass Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says Gay-Hatin' Republican Party Platform Is 'Pathetic'

Winner winner chicken dinner

Did we mention we were at a super swanky reception Thursday afternoon in Philadelphia, where Ed Rendell got a big award from the Equality Forum? Yeah, well, your favorite speaker lady Nancy Pelosi also got an award at that place, and it was even bigger than the one Rendell got!

Pelosi's sexxxy trophy was the 21st Annual International Role Model award, for HER work in advancing LGBT equality. Did we get a picture with her? Heck nope, because that is not to be on this trip, apparently. Perhaps when we go skiing together with the King Of France in Aspen later this year, but not right now.

But she stood RIGHT NEXT TO US.

And she schmoozed with HER pal Ed Rendell:

During her acceptance speech, she talked about the insane GOP platform, and how it's so fucking regressive it actually supports CONVERSION THERAPY for the gays -- you know, that "pray away the gay" shit -- and as an aside, and not under her breath, she described her feelings about that platform:


And then she dropped her mic and skedaddled off to another event, where somebody else probably gave her a prize for being a badass.

That's what happens when you are Nancy Fuckin' Pelosi.

Wanna see the armband she gave us? Of course you do:

We will wear it every day for the rest of our life.


Evan Hurst

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