GRRRRR. So here is a new twist on "Fuck The Poors." How about ACTUALLY Fuck The Poors? Or at least force them to give you head, or other assorted sex favors, in exchange for maintenance work in public housing? Because this is apparently a thing! Now, you might be thinking, "Wonkette, I rent my apartment because I am not a part of the American Homeowner Dream, and when I call maintenance, they just come over and show me their pockmarked buttcracks while they fix my showerhead." And that is because you are blessed, and you do not live in Gilmor Homes, a public housing project in Baltimore. Is there a lawsuit filed? Oh yeah, bro. Here's the Baltimore Sun, with the UGH details:

Seven women at a West Baltimore public housing complex filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that maintenance workers demanded sexual favors in return for repairing a gas leak, exterminating roaches and making other improvements.

In the lawsuit, the women say the abuse at Gilmor Homes was perpetuated primarily by maintenance supervisor Clinton Coleman and another worker.

Oh dear God. If our maintenance man EVER so much as twinkled his eye at us the wrong way, we'd be the fuck out of here, and we'd hire someone to get it done ourselves and bill our (very nice) landlord. But that is because #privilege, because we are fortunate enough not to live in public housing, where residents aren't often able to be choosy about where they live. Guess these two dudes saw an opportunity!

Ready for some nasty allegations? Well, there's the disabled woman who needs a ramp in her unit so she can walk around, but "last year, a maintenance worker told her he wouldn't make repairs to her unit unless he gave her 'some booty.'" And then there was the time the same man asked the same woman, "Can I get a turn?" after a male friend left her house. And then this one:

Another woman, a 33-year-old single mother, said she succumbed to Coleman's pressure and performed oral sex and later intercourse. She said in an affidavit that Coleman exposed himself to her in his office. She said she gave in to his demands because she was "shocked, young, scared, fleeing an abusive relationship and worried about the health and safety of my daughter."

There are more where that came from, if you'd like to read them over at the Baltimore Sun.

Meanwhile, conditions at this place are clearly horrific, even aside from maintenance workers who see getting their dicks wet as a quid pro quo for doing THEIR JOBS. One woman says her house is infested with mold, to the point that "I sometimes cough up blood." Another has a whole lot of rats, but not a lot of heat in her house.

Yeah. And like we said, this is being done to people who obviously have no other choice. They can't just say, "Well this apartment complex sucks, I'll break my lease, take the financial hit and find a better place." Their choices here, it seems, are A) live in a rat-infested shithole, or B) live in a rat-infested shithole that has the potential to be slightly less shitty, in exchange for getting up close and personal with greasy old maintenance man taint.

And what the fuck is wrong with these guys, if they are in fact guilty of these crimes? Do they sit at home watching really bad porn about UPS drivers showing up and having hot sex with the lady who answers the door, or plumbers who end up laying more pipe than they bargained for (IF YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN AND WE THINK YOU DO)? And then when one of these guys goes to work in such a porn haze that when the nice handicapped lady in the housing project opens the door, he thinks, "I'm like those guys in the videos!" Ew. Ew!

Go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not ask anyone to give you head on the way there. You are the worst. (Allegedly.)

[Baltimore Sun via Gawker]


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