See those men? Those are Barack Obama and Old Handsome Joe Biden, and they are "let's moving," because they are scared of the fiery wrath of Michelle Obama. Did you like the '80s cop show styley music, like maybe it is the theme from Simon & Simon, or maybe it is TJ Hooker? Did you like that they kind of run a little bit like moms? Did you like that they are not very good at "acting"? Don't lie, you super fapped, because it is our Bamz and our OHJB, and that means it is NOT Cory Booker and Chris Christie, who put out a far superior "funny video," that you unaccountably hated. But beyond "hey look a silly video and drink your water," are there implications for Mommy Wars, and Intersectional Feminist Fights? Of course there are, don't be RIDICULOSE.

You all remember when Politico ran that dumb story about how Michelle Obama wasn't being Black Power enough and also Upper Middle Class Feminist enough, because she only focuses on food policy and health outcomes that disproportionately impact children of color, and does that even count next to Hillary Clinton's platform of "not baking cookies," or Barbara Bush's First Lady focus on "literacy," or Laura Bush's platform of "vicodin"? Not for like three feminists out there! So we got a week of intramural twitter fights. Good times, by which we mean it sucked.

Well now Michelle Obama has used the muscle of her office to push through food labeling rules that the grocery manufacturers do not like one little bit, and she's done it in the light-speed quickness of like two months.

Behind the scenes, however, industry operatives are not pleased with the plan and expect there to be major pushback once groups have a chance to digest the details of the new policy.

“I don’t think anyone is going to be foolish enough to attack the first lady — that’s just stupid,” said one longtime food company consultant, who noted that the industry would likely be measured in its public response, even if there are lots of things companies don’t like about it. “It’s sort of a laundry list of everything the industry didn’t want.”

We don't even need to get into what the new label rules will be, do we? Like, that right there is enough for us to know? Okay, just one more little thing:

“I’m kind of amazed,” said Marion Nestle, a leading nutrition expert and professor at New York University, who writes the popular Food Politics blog. “The proposal is really good.

“I had no idea they were going to come up with something this good,” said Nestle, who lauded the bigger, bolder font for calories and that the rules would require listing added sugars. “I think it’s terrific.”

Now, since the Right insisted on not drinking water after Michelle Obama told them to maybe think about drinking some water, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll stop eating food!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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