Barack Obama Thinks Obamacare Is So Cool Just Because Millions Of People Have Insurance Now Who Didn't Before


Well that sounded a lot more like the Barack Obama we know and like. Barry gave the numbers -- 7.1 million enrollees -- and said that even though his failed healthcare policy had totally failed, he wasn't going to let anyone repeal it, because he's just a bastard that way. “But the debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”

He denied, yet again, the existence of death panels, and claimed that "Armageddon has not arrived," despite the documented presence of a pale rider on a skeletal horse right next to the podium.

Oh, yes, and then he also talked about several of the many people who have already benefited from the ACA and said that if anyone seriously plans to repeal or replace the ACA, they'd better have a pretty good explanation for why these folks -- and several million others -- should no longer have the coverage and security that they have been able to purchase. There is that.

Also, maybe this is a sign of reality starting to sink in? Over on Fox, shortly after Obama finished speaking, Neil Cavuto acknowledged that several parts of the ACA are definitely not opposed by anyone:

“The fact of the matter is, no one is against trying to cover people with preexisting conditions, no one is against removing lifetime caps. The dirty detail is having to pay for that, and that is what still embroils and ensnares the law in controversy.”

That sounds about right. You know, apart from the guy who was on Fox this morning calling for "every word" of the law to be repealed, and the many GOP figures who have insisted that the freedom to decide who deserves coverage is necessary for insurance companies to be the free people the Founding Fathers wanted them to be. Still, for Fox News, a lie like that almost suggests that Cavuto thinks maybe this horrible evil law may end up being a fact of life, and the rightwing noise machine will need to find new ways to spin it, rather than confidently predicting it will fail or be repealed.

Meanwhile over at Dead Breitbart's Home for Terminal Victimhood, the Usual Crowd proclaimed the speech "one of the most partisan speeches of his presidency," apart from whatever the last speech was.

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