Barack Obama Is One Of Those Annoying People Who Can't Stop Talking About His Home Brew

Barack Obama Is One Of Those Annoying People Who Can't Stop Talking About His Home Brew

You know the type. Maybe you are this type? Let's keep it quiet, if so. The type we're describing: The person who's always trying to get you to sample the craft beer he (it is usually a "he") brewed in his home. "You have got to try this beer I made." "Ehh, just let me drink my Coors Light in peace..." "No -- you havegot to try my beer. It's so good." "Yup I bet it is." "No, but it's like, beer, with a taste of honey. It's so good, I'm really proud of myself." This person is Barack Obama, who can't stop babbling about his White House honey brew on the trail now. He's been drinking this for years!

From the WaPo:

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — President Obama likes beer — so much so that the White House has installed a new feature since he took office: a brewery.

Obama talked about the beer at a quick campaign stop at a coffee shop in Knoxville, Iowa. He explained that the White House produces two different styles of beer — a light and a dark brew. And when a patron requested a bottle, the president sent a member of his staff out to the campaign bus to get one.

So he takes the beer on the road, too.

“It is superb,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said. “It is quite good.”

Carney didn’t know much more about the brewery, such as who the brewmaster is or exactly when the brewery was set up. Other White House officials revealed that one of the brews is called the White House Honey Ale, and that the honey hails from Michelle Obama’s famed kitchen garden.

As you can imagine, those who are predisposed to disliking the President have some lovely comments to offer about this beer venture.

Anyway, this precious home brew has been around for some time, by our recollection. The Obamas served it at their 2011 Super Bowl party. It was a hit, maybe.

[Washington Post via LGF]


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