Barack Obama Said A Mean Thing About Tobacco, So Now Fox News Wants Everyone To Smoke


The giant drugstore chain CVS announced it will no longer be selling cigarettes, and Barack Obama said a thing, like, "that's nice. Health," or something, we don't know, it was pretty anodyne. Did Fox News run every picture of Barack Obama smoking it could find and then bleat and guffaw about haw haw hypocrite? It did not, because that would have been an attack that made sense.

First up was Gretchen Carlson -- you know, the smart one. She put on her confused squirrel face to ask the question, is it even legal for CVS to stop selling cigarettes? Like, is it? (Hint, Gretchen: In Obama's Amerikkka, they can force you to abort your gay marriage butt babby, but they still can't force you to not stop selling cigarettes.)

Here, let us see if we can answer her question for her.

There you go, Gretch. Hope that helped!

Do go on over to Media Matters if you want to see Dana Perino sniping that CVS not selling cigarettes is the same as Hobby Lobby controlling its workers' babymakers. This page already has enough stupid on it as it is.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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