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Back in 2013, President Obama promulgated an informal rule against ever wearing stuff on his head when he refused to try on a custom-fitted sportsball helmet. “Here’s the general rule: You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president. That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head." And of course, because he is morally weak, he has occasionally deviated from that rule, as he did Monday when he was wrapped in a traditional blanket and and topped off with a woven cedar headpiece by a leader of the Swinomish tribe from western Washington during the eighth annual White House Tribal Nations Conference.

The Washington Post notes the president wasted no time removing the headgear:

Obama, who was adopted by the Crow Nation in 2008 and named "One who helps people throughout the land," quickly took off the hat and held it before handing it back. He appeared far more comfortable with the blanket, which he wore draped over his suit for a couple of minutes.

“What an amazing honor, and what a kind gesture for the honor song and the blanket and the hat,” Obama told the crowd. "I have to say I’m also very glad that you also have a blanket for Michelle so she doesn’t steal mine. She would, too. I’m just saying.

“But that was very moving, and is a reminder of the great friendships that we’ve developed over the last eight years,” he added.

The tribal summit was a meeting of representatives from 567 federally recognized tribes, and beyond the traditional "putting the non-native dude in a tribal hat" ceremony, the conference focused on opportunities for the federal and tribal governments to work together more closely.

A sticking point remains the Dakota Access oil pipeline, which crosses a mix of land owned by the federal government, private owners, and tribal land of the Standing Rock Sioux, who have organized protests against the pipeline going forward. The Obama administration has placed a hold on construction of the pipeline on federal land, and has requested the developer to knock it the hell off. The issue remains unresolved at this time, however.

Mr. Obama praised activists who had come together from tribes across the nation to support the protests against the pipeline, and "said he hopes he will leave a strong legacy for the next U.S. president of consulting with tribal leaders on all matters that impact Indian country." Of course, that might depend on who the next president is. One candidate we can see continuing these White House summmits with tribes. The other might simply see native people as an opportunity to offload some failing casino properties.

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