Barack Obama Will Punch Graham’s and McCain’s Lights Out Probably, He Is So Mad About Them Slagging Susan Rice


Earlier we brought you the BREAKING NEWS that Senator John McCain is a puckered old asshole, and also why he is full of poo. B. Barry Bamz responded to McCain's typical slurring of UN Ambassador Susan Rice in his press conference today by going all HULK SMASH and practically challenging McCain and his partner in E-vil, Miss Lindsey Graham, to fisticuffs! Here is a thought problem for our Internet friends: Was it SEXISMS by Barack Obama to get all het up on Rice's behalf? Like, we cannot imagine him being so ruffled and dandery and whatnot if it were, say, Simon Rice under attack? The answer, of course, is YES it is sexisms. But it is our Barry O, so it is okay?

Yes. It is okay.

Just as we still expect more politesse in a debate with a woman opponent even though "but but but they shouldn't be a little flower" -- COUGH SCOTT BROWN COUGH -- it is also okay to get more patriarchal-I'll-protect-you-Little-Lady when someone is attacking us for no good fucking reason at all.

One of the many reasons Lady Americans are still vastly underrepresented in politics is because it's shitty and mean and people attack you for no good fucking reason at all, and when we do that, we like to do it in anonymous emails. (Granted, there now seem to have been some reasons someone might want to go all Internet Stalker on someone else.)

So having some big strong men -- "white knights," even! -- come in and enforce some FUCKING CIVILITY on our behalf and redecorate the boys club and make the Senate Women's Restroom bigger while we're at it, is an unmitigated good.

Still sexist though.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.


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